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Saturday, April 03, 2010

"The Commerce 3": Arrested Mayor Pro-Tem Richard Fierro and wife and sister-in-law are all educators at Los Angeles Unfied, and all are suspended. Will taxpayers end up paying thier public pensions if they go to jail?

School Dayz?
Will the arrest of the COMMERCE 3
end up costing US taxpayers millions
in life time benefits?

By Randy Economy
April 3, 2010

Commerce, CA:

Here is more on the arrest of Commerce Mayor Pro Tem Robert Fierro, and his wife Linda and her sister-in-law Ana Perez.    BTW, every political crime gang has to have a cool nickname.  I am going to call these crooks the "Commerce 3."  Got it.  "Commerce 3." 

It turns out that "the Commerce 3" are Los Angeles Unified School District employees, and all three have been suspended depending the outcome of the federal charges.

Here is the lo' down:

Robert Fierro is a teacher at Bridge Street Elementary School in Boyle Heights.

Linda Fierro is a teacher at Brooklyn Elementary School in East Los Angeles.

Ana Perez is principal of Hamasaki Elementary School in East Los Angeles. 

(In case your wondering, Brooklyn Avenue Elementary School is the same school that controversial State Assemblyman Tony Mendoza (D-56th District) served on the faculty before he was elected to serve in Sacramento in 2006.)

Hey....I wonder if WE taxpayers are going to have to pay for "the Commerce 3's" LIFE TIME PENSIONS AND RETIREMENTS IF they are ALL convicted and sent to jail? 

The indictment also charges the councilman's wife, Linda Fierro, 36, and the councilman's sister-in-law, Ana Perez, 45, with conspiracy and witness tampering.  All three of them if found guilty could be facing 10 years in Federal Prison.

Perez, who was the treasurer of Fierro's 2005 campaign, was additionally charged with two counts of making false declarations before the grand jury.

The indictment alleges that Perez, other family members and friends of the then-City Council candidate wrote two $500 checks apiece to Fierro's campaign in January 2005, when he was first running for the office.

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Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous the commerce 3!! Don't u guys have something better to do I mean guilty or not these are prettty stupid acusations. This irritates me because instead of findin the real criminals like the ones who kill innocent ppl or are in narcotics and gang related crimes no they go find ppl who supposely lie??? come on man let's get real. Find somethin better to do!!!

Thanks to FBI and OBAMA! said...

To the PERSON who POSTED the above comment.

I have lived in Commerce for 51 years.

Anytime someone betrays the trust of OUR community as an ELECTED OFFICIAL it is a serious crime.

Many politicians are members of "gangs" around here....and it is the job of the FBI and District Attorney to help protect our community from these type of coverups and misdeeds.

When a politician lies to the Federal Government, THAT is a CRIME.

When a politician lies to a FEDERAL GRAND JURY...THAT'S A CRIME.

Thanks for calling them
"The Commerce 3." If we start cracking down at our City Halls, then maybe we can truly make our SOCIETY better.

President Obama said "Yes We Can"


Brooklyn parent said...

I KNEW that BROOKLYN AVENUE SCHOOL is nothing but a filty rotten no good school. Thanks for pointing this out. My kid goes there.

Brooklyn parent said...

I KNEW that BROOKLYN AVENUE SCHOOL is nothing but a filty rotten no good school. Thanks for pointing this out. My kid goes there.

Anonymous said...

YeAh true but will see when there proven not guilty. Obviously its a CRIME and the FBI does its job!!! U moron! But if we really want our society and community a clean city well then wat about hugo argumedo oh and our previous council man gordy cisneros who molested kids u been livin in city over decades u must kno about them right?? So ill leave it up to u! All politicians are corrupted that's why u get a degree to be someone in life not a politician that that's there life like hugo argumedo.gordy cisneros they just want city money! they are so disgusting to me liars and just want the cities money!! I know robert fierro personally I know the truth to all of this its unfair what there doin but we have a god and he is our warrior and everythin is gonna be ok in god we trust...............I heard gordy wants to run again will see if they want a child molester as our mayor! Ignorance

Anonymous said...

Randy Economy YOUR SUCH AN IDIOT!!! this is all lies and it's sad to see people believe this..for the resident in Commerce I also live in Commerce and I know Robert, Robert is not corrupted. You have it all wrong..Yeah what about Hugo Argumedo and his Mafia Brothers...Hugo wants Robert and Tina out so he could bring his little gang in for the benefit of himself, why do you think there was a recall. Do you think Hugo cared about the money us taxpayers had to pay for this..NO!! Look at the new buses and the Costco Robert and Tina brought in to our city..Hugo has been in council for 12 or more years and he hasn't done one damn thing to change the city. Robert wants nothing but the best for our city, maybe you should do your homework and find out who Hugo really is, what a snake he is, what a animal he is and what a black heart he has. When these individuals are proven NOT GUILT I will be rejoicing and giving thanks to the Lord above because he's watching Robert, his wife, and sister in-law. Good people don't deserve this but God only knows why this is happening to them. God is by their side and won't let them go because so many of their friends and family are praying for them and i know God hears our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Brookly Parent...Don't believe the lies..Mrs. Fierro is a good teacher and there's just bad people in this wrold that are attacking her, her husband, and sister but we can't judge anyone. God is the only one to judge and Mr.& Mrs. Fierro and sister are NOT GUILTY!! They are good people so please don't believe the lies.

Anonymous said...

Commerce 3 need to step down from there positions that have in the City, just like the school board had them step down till this is all over.. it's funny how all the people that are behind Robert talk about don't be pointing fingers at him.but yet they are all quick to point fingers at Hugo. i find that just a tad funny. Nobody should be pointing fingers. Robert should be man about it and step down. How can the city attorney and coucil still have him on council. oh wait the city attorney is his friend and so is the mayor... Then he gave his speech at the recent council meeting right then and there he should have stepped down.

Anonymous said...

How sad I was to hear about this whole incident. How this makes people who don't even live in our community think so badly of us. Friends of mine from other states called me to notify me of this news and I was ashamed. Ashamed because good people can put so much trust into other people who are in the position to make a positive change for the better and instead use their power for greed. Mrs. Perez lied! That is a fact--she will face jail time. And how sad is it when a family would feel the need to lie and steal together from the very community that once had faith in them. NO MORE! Now is the time for change. I surely hope LAUSD does not accept them back to the already vulnerable schools for which they were employed. I would seriously ask Superintendent Ramon Cortines to audit the funds at each of their perspective schools to make sure their schools funds were not misappropriated. And I would seriously like to say that at Hamasaki Elementary School API scores should be investigated--I remember the PINK ERASER PROJECT where pink erasers were given to cooperating teachers to change test answers to raise API scores for their classes behind closed doors. These people are not saints or angels, but criminals that should pay for their despicable actions. Thank you Randy for sharing the light on this situation that would otherwise have been swept under the rug.

Anonymous said...

commerce 3 Robert Fierro Linda Fierro and Ana Perez trial scheduled for May 25th in federal court Find the information for us RANDY

Anonymous said...

commerce 3 Robert Fierro Linda Fierro and Ana Perez trial scheduled for May 25th in federal court Find the information for us RANDY

Anonymous said...

It seems like, all the incumbents, except Joe A. should be voted out asap. Tina like to spend and spend and like the glory; Hugo doesn't do anything but funnel money to his family; Lilia is grossly fake. Let's get some good people to represent us.

Anonymous said...

listen, (Anonymous April
12) people point fingers at Hugo, because he IS usually always behind stuff to build his self back up and bring others down. If Robert is found guilty, then, yes, he should step down on that day, but don't think you should be protecting Hugo because he could care less about City of Commerce and the people.

Anonymous said...

I would like to hear more about what has happened with the commerce 3" I do pray that they are found innocent soon and that they could take higher possitions than what they had. they are good people and this will only make them stronger. I pray to hear good news soon. God Bless You Commerce 3!