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Monday, June 14, 2010

Earthquake CAUGHT on VIDEO TONIGHT during SAN DIEGO PADRE GAME! Reminds us of the 1989 Bay Area World Series Earthquake....sort of.

By Randy Economy
June 14, 2010
11:31 p.m.

San Diego, CA

Tonight's 5.7 earthquake near the US/Mexico Boarder has been caught on tape during the San Diego Padre/Toronto Blue Jay  baseball game.

This clip just got loaded up on You Tube.

During the bottom of the eighth inning, PETCO Park began to shake due to a 5.7-magnitude earthquake roughly 90 miles east of San Diego.

Listen to the fan reaction.  BTW, don't pay any attention to the First Baseman who is grabbing his "balls" if you know what I am talkin about. 

It sort of reminded me of the World Series Earthquake in the SF/Oakland Bay Area in 1989 when the A's and the Giants were playing in the World Series in Game 3.  I was in Century City over 400 miles south of San Francisco when that quake took place and I had to walk down 33 flights of stairs.  Yikes.  What a horrible night that was for the people of Northern California.

Much of the San Francisco Bay area was destroyed in that massive shaker back then.  Tonight we dodged a bullet here in Southern California.


Be prepared.  Don't be scared.  Be PREPARED.

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