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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

FITZ FACTOR: Brian Fitzgerald's lead for GOP Insurance Commissioner Nomination shrinks....again....to 1,310 over ASS. Mike Villines

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 By Randy Economy
June 15, 2010
9:11 p.m.


The race for the Republican nomination for California Insurance Commissioner has gotten closer tonight, with more late ballots being reported by the California Secretary of State's Office.

Underfunded challenger Brian Fitzgerald now leads Assemblyman Mike Villines by less and 2/10th of One percent of the votes cast. 

Out of more than 1.65 million votes cast, Fitz is still up by 1,310 votes, and the counting is  NOT over.


Brian Fitzgerald   828,037 50.1%

Mike Villines       826,727 49.9%

Fitzgerald spent less than $6,000 on his ENTIRE campaign.  Amazing when you stop and think about the HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of DOLLARS that were spent in the past June Primary campaign here in California.

The winner will face Democratic Assemblyman Dave Jones who bested South Gate Assemblyman Hector De La Torre by almost 400,000 votes.  Stay tuned.  More votes will be reported on Friday.
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