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Friday, June 18, 2010

LAKER FANS CAUGHT ON YOU TUBE: Who are these nuts, and why would they post their "crimes" on You Tube?

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By Randy Economy
Friday, June 18, 2010
12:25 a.m.
Los Angeles, CA

First of all, tonight was a great night for REAL LAKER fans.

You know, the ones INSIDE the STAPLE'S Center watching Kobe and Kompany take home another NBA title over those sorry looking Boston Celtics.  The celebration inside was "classic All American Good Guy Stuff."

Then you got the "Idiot Laker Thugs" who went on a rampage outside Staple's Center and all over Downtown Los Angeles into the late night hours causing lots of mayham and injuries to innocent victims and once again giving LA sports another "black eye."

But this is what amazes me.

The knuckleheads who committed these crimes after the Laker victory ACTUALLY posted thier legal woes in the making on You Tube.

I am not kidding you.  Go to You Tube and start looking at all of the wild clips being uploaded tonoight.  I betcha a bottom dollar that come of these "You Tube stars" are going to be tracked down and arrested and held accountable.

You see, the "best evidence" in procecuting a crime, is an actually video of the real deal.

So, congrats to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office for this "peach" of a prize tonight via the internet.  Round em' up boyz.....

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