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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

REP. JANE HARMAN holds off MARCY WINOGRAD....again...in CA 36th Congressional District Primary. GOP'S MATTIE FEIN also wins

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June 9, 2010
2:27 a.m.

South Bay, CA

So much for throwing Democratic Congresswoman Jane Harman under the Bus of Democracy on Tuesday.  In a nasty campaign, Harman beat back a challenge from "ubber Democrat" Marcy Winograd.  This is the second time at the political rodeo for Winograd in her attempt to upset Harman.

This time around, Harman beat Winograd by 18% of the over vote in California's hotly contested 36th Congressional District, Democratic Primary.

Harman will face a stiff challenge from GOP nominee Mattie Fein who was victorious over Pete Kesterson, and Andrew Sharp.

Stay Tuned.  Lady Jane could be in big trouble this Fall.


JANE HARMAN              22,446    58.79%

MARCY WINOGRAD    15,732    41.21%


MATTIE FEIN                 13,964  50.25%

PETE KESTERSON        11,937  42.96%
ANDREW J SHARP         1,887   6.79%

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