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Monday, June 14, 2010

VIDEO: South Carolina US Senate Nominee Alvin Greene. The new "HOPE" of the Democrats this Fall! LOL

Political Commentary
By Randy Economy
June 14, 2010
4:00 a.m.

Way Down in South Carolina:

So, have you seen the new Democratic nominee for the United States Senate from the great state of South Carolina?

He is Alvin Greene.  A veteran of the Iraqi War.  A proud African American

He got the most votes in last Tuesday's Democratic Primary election here in South Carolina.

He is the Democrats official pick to take on popular US Senator Jim De Mint in this November's General Election

Greene is 32 years old.  He is unemployed.  He put his life on the line in to defend America. He lives in his families home. He has had a few brushes with the law, and today the Democratic Party is having a nervous breakdown over his election win last week.

Greene defeated Vic Rawl, a former judge and state legislator who had a $186,000 campaign war chest.  Greene was an underdog to say the least.  He won the Democratic Nomination for US Senate  by out polling  Rawl by a margin of 58% to 41%. It wasn't even close.

Greene looks "great on paper" and today is the Democratic Party's biggest headache in the making. You see, Greene appears to have a few "screws loose" upstairs if you know what I mean. 

Some call him a "tad" off when you watch him talk. Some call him "Change You Can REALLY Believe in....LOL."  Today he is becoming an "Internet hit."

President Barack Obama's top political ops are scrambling to get Greene off the fall ballot.  Even David Axlerod the mastermind behind the Obama campaign in 2008 can't figure out how to deal with Greene.

So is South Carolina Democratic Senate nominee Alvin Greene intellectually incapable of participating in the general election race, or his he the new "face" of the Democratic Party in this Falls campaign?

State Rep. Todd Rutherford told Fox News that he went to Greene's house to discuss with him how Greene succeeded last week in becoming the candidate to challenge Republican Sen. Jim DeMint in the November election, but he found it difficult to decipher an answer.

"About two questions into a conversation with him, it would become apparent that he is not probably fit to answer the questions befitting a Senate candidate," Rutherford told Fox News.  Even Keith Olberman interviewed him a couple of days ago.  Watch it for yourself.  He appears a little slow a lot nervous, but nothing too bizarre.

"If he was put into this, then it is a joke that is funny to all the rest of us, but he doesn't get it -- because I don't know that his mental status is such that he can get it."

What, someone is finally talking about the "mental status" of a Candidate for the United States Senate?

How different.

Stay tuned this is going to get fun!
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