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Sunday, June 06, 2010

Stubborn Junk Yard Fire in Harbor Wilmington area still buring 11 hours after it started

Photo from KCAL
By Randy Economy
Wilmington, CA
June 6, 2010
12:10 a.m.

That stubborn auto scrap/junk yard fire is still causing problems some 11 hours after it began  in the Wilmington, Harbor City, San Pedro part of Los Angeles.

So far, more than 100 firefighters have fought the large fire at an auto scrap yard Saturday in the San Pedro/Wilmington/Harbor City area of Los Angeles.

Water shortages and difficult access has made it difficult to fight the blaze, but firefighters are beginning to get the upper hand on the situation.

Fire personnel were sent to 1900 block of North Blinn Avenue, near Pacific Coast Highway, at 11:34 a.m.
According to the fire department, the fire was still burning ferociously and sending up a huge plume of smoke near the Port of Los Angeles 100 minutes after the first dispatch.

You could see the black smoke all over Southern California.  Here in Cerritos where I live, the black smoke clouds were in a long trail that was running west to east in the deep blue summer sky.

A "major emergency fire" status was declared by the fire department at 2:33 p.m. and all training exercises across the city were cancelled.  A commander at the scene said water supplies were insufficient and the fire was burning in a large metal pile, making it difficult to get to the flames, comparing it to "a football field full of metal."

Heavy truck traffic entering adjacent dockyards was also hindering the movement of fire trucks.  So, avoid this area for a while longer till this fire is over.

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