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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Randy's Rant: They took out the "Coffee Bar" at the Ralph's Supermarket in Cerritos. This is unacceptable.

So, I walked into Ralph's Supermarket over here on South and Carmenita in Cerritos today,  and son of a gun, they took out the "coffee" bar by the Deli. What the heck?

You can't just take out the Coffee Bar over night, this is an outrage!

Who do they think they are...Stater Brothers?

Bring back the Coffee BAR!

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Note to Rep. Judy Chu: The way to stop the Murders of Americans in Mexico is to close the Boarder.


I have been following and reporting on the murder of El Monte School official Augustin Robert Salcedo for the past 30 days in Durango, Mexico.

This murder case has brought a new focus on the dangers of Mexico, and how it is effecting the lives of American's here in Southern California, day in and day out.

Rep. Judy Chu (D-Monterey Park) represents the melding pot of the San Gabriel Valley in Congress, and she has been foisted into the national debate on the violence in Mexico since Bobby Salcedo was gunned down.  She is now trying to figure out what to do about the violence in Mexico.

I have a bit of advice for Congresswoman Chu.

Time to close the boarder to Mexico. 

No one IN and NO one OUT of MEXICO, period.

Time to start making demands and demading action of the Government of Mexico.  Do NOT ALLOW AMERICAN'S into MEXICO till it is SAFE.

How many more Bobby Salcedo's are going to be headlines here in 2010? A thousand?  10,000?  In the past couple of weeks, more than 1,000 people were murdered in a 50 square mile in Ensenata/TJ community.  If this happened here in Los Angeles County during one month, the Army would be deployed here to stop violence like this.

But Mexico is corrupt and controlled by drug lords, and that includes many of its municipalities and states.

Time for real action, Congresswoman Chu.

BAN ALL TRAVEL to MEXICO from THE UNITED STATES till the MEXICAN GOVERNMENT can clean up it's act and to stop the violence and murders.

Enough is Enough!

Randy Economy

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Post Card from Cerritos, California: Our street life is a different kind of "WILD!"

Wish You Were HERE in Our "WILD" Hood!
Photos taken by Randy Economy in January 2010 on 183rd Strret and Bloomfield Avenue in Cerritos, CA,  USA, 90703.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: Manual Acosta, the Lead Investigator in Death CASE of Murdered El Monte School Board official Augustin "Bobby" Salcedo is SLAIN in Mexico, LA Times is reporting details of this shocking development on SUNDAY

Saturday, 10 p.m.
January 30, 2010
Los Angeles, CA:
By: Randy Economy

Seen: Photo from the murder scene of Bobby Salcedo on Dec. 31st in Mexico.

The investigation into the murder of El Monte School official Augustin "Bobby" Salcedo has taken a nightmarish turn tonight.

The Los Angeles Times is reporting in Sunday's edition that Manuel Acosta,  the lead investigator in the slaying in Mexico of  Salcedo has been killed in a brutal ambush.

Times Reporters Tracy Wilkenson and Jill Leovy are reporting that it was not clear whether the death of Acosta will have any effect on the case, in which little progress had been reported. Authorities would not speculate on whether Acosta's killing was related to Salcedo's.

The details of the murder of Investigator Acosta are just being made public, but he was slain back on Jan. 15 by gunmen in a five-seat red pickup truck, the kind frequently used by drug traffickers. He was hit as he returned to his office from another deadly crime scene.

The Salcedo Family held an emotional interview with CNN on around earlier in January and predicted that those responsible for Bobby's murder would probably "never be caught."  Little did they know, that just a couple of days after they made that profound public statement, that the main person repsonsible for solving this crime would be brutally murdered himself.

Acosta, 42, survived comatose and in critical condition but on Tuesday he died.   According to Mexican official Acosta's injuries included multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and torso.  His death was first was reported in the Milenio newspaper in a dispatch from Gomez Palacio and confirmed Saturday to the Times by Martin Chavez, spokesman for the city.

Here is the link to the entire article in the Sunday LA Times.  This is a huge set back in this murder investigation, and it makes me wonder, if this crime will ever be solved.


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Grammy Preview: I Gotta Feeling that Taylor Swift will be going Gaga by the end of this years mega-event!

Hollywood:  Sunday night is THE biggest night of the year for the Music biz as the 52nd Grammy Awards are going to be seen all over the world by around 1 Billion peeps.

I love this years top nominees, and tonight, I wanted to post my FAV 5 songs from 2009.  I gotta pull for Taylor Swift tonight...but the Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta Feeling" is HOT HOT HOT.  Lady Gaga, will be wearing her 'get-ups all night long, and Beyonce will be shakin' her booty up and down the stage...but the Kings of Leon could be crowned the best in the biz and steal the shows top prize.

So, get ready to ROCK and ROCK and dance and shout.  The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards are about to take the stage!






Tell me what you think??
Who is going to win?
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32,000 NEW READERS to MY BLOG in the month of January 2010! AMAZING! Incredible. THANKS THANKS THANKS!


Not that I have been keeping track, but during the month of January 2010, I had more than 32,000 NEW READERS to this blog!

Top issues of the month were the slaying of El Monte School Board Member Augustin "Bobby" Salcido, the 2010 Tournament of Roses Parade, the stabbing of Don Bosco Tech Principal Gary Catalano, the wicked weather flood and tornados here in So Cal, the arrest of two off duty LAPD officers in Whittier, and the ongoing investigation of the murder of former Artesia High School student ReMington Dunham.

So, we still have one day left in January 2010, but I wanted to pass along my thanks, and appreciation and your support! 
Keep coming back and tell your friends! !


February 2010 is going to be better than January. Why?  Because this is the month that I turn the BIG 5-0!  Now THAT THERE'S A BLOG WORTH READING!!


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Whittier Daily News details FBI's case that resulted in suicide of local community leader on child pornography charges.

Photo of Ronald Eade

Due to the huge interest in this story, I wanted to post an update today from the Whittier Daily News on the suicide of Whittier community leader Ronald Eade, age 63.  Eade was also was known as "Baron Ron Von Helding."

The FBI issued a search warrant at his property at 10404 Kimbark Avenue in Whittier on Thursday to investigate various allegations of child endangerment.


To see the actually FBI complaint and search warrant against Eade, please follow the above or below link to the WDN website. Reporters Ruby Gonzales and Sandra Molina filed this report.

Tip resulted in search warrant of Whittier home

By Rudy Gonzales:
WHITTIER DAILY NEWS - A tip that a 63-year-old Whittier man allegedly offered a 15-year-old boy money if he posed nude in photos led the FBI to serve a search warrant at the man's home Thursday.

When agents returned hours later with an arrest warrant, the man fatally shot himself in the head.

The man, identified by FBI officials, neighbors and public records as Ronald Eade, was also known by the moniker "Baron Von Helding." He called the 2,353-square-foot property he owned "Von Helding Estate" and rented it out for parties and other events.

Court documents and two monitored phone calls led the Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement Team, a multi-agency task force focusing on the sexual exploitation of children, to get a federal search warrant for Eade's home in the 10400 block of Kimbark Avenue in the unincorporated portion of northern Whittier near Rose Hills.

To see the entire article by Staff Reporter Ruby Gonzales and Sandra Molina follow this link:

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Friday, January 29, 2010

VIDEO of "Flying Tomato" Shaun White: Crash in Olympic Practice Run sends CHILLS around the snowboardin' world

I totally love Shaun White, aka:: "The Flying Tomato," and American Snowboarding/Bike ridin' ICON.  He took a wicked spill during a practice run on Friday in preparation for the upcoming Winter Games in Vancouver.  Watch this nasty spill, and don't attempt to try this stunt (duh) yourself. He is my "Vid Clip" of the day!

Letter from 50th District State Assembly Candidate PJ Mellana over the Lowenthal Parking Bill! Thanks PJ...and I agree with you 1000%

Note:  I wanted to post this note from PJ Mellana who is running for State Assembly here in the 50th District this year.  This is in response to SB 518, the Senator Alan Lowenthal "GET RID OF FREE PARKING" in CALIFORNIA LAW.  Thanks PJ, and everyone needs to follow PJ's campaign here at this link:   Visit PJ 4 ASSEMBLY!


Do these politicians really think the voters are buying this crap anymore?

Thanks to Randy Economy for bringing to light more of the craziness that is going on up in Sacramento by our wonderful politicians. Don't these guys have better things to be focusing on? Umm...maybe the economy and getting government out of the ...way of people and businesses!

Please spread the word about my candidacy, a citizen politician not connected or beholden to anyone in Sacramento, only connected and beholden to THE PEOPLE.

Candidate for State Assembly
50th District

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Are You Kidding Me?: "Free-Parking" could become "illegal" here in California if our State Senator Alan Lowenthal gets SB 518 into law

The California State Senate approved Senate Bill 518 on Thursday that will get rid of free parking in State Parking lots.

The bill is being pushed by our local State Senator Alan Lowenthal (D- The Beach, The Gardens, Little India, Cerritos), and this week he actually proclaimed that "free parking is bad for the environment." What the heck? Bad for "whose" environment?

It passed the State Senate this week on a vote of 21-12, and it is continuing to wind through the legislative maze in Sacramento.

Supporters of the bill, includs the Natural Resources Defense Council. In case your are not aware of this group its main mission is to "safeguard the Earth: its people, its plants and animals and the natural systems on which all life depends." They boast to have more than 300 attorneys, scientists and "policy experts" on its staff, and represent 1.3 million members and "e-activists" with offices in New York, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Beijing.

The Sierra Club is also on board with this lulu of a wanna be law. The Sierra Club believes that there is "too much free parking" makes people drive far too much, and that people need to take public transportation, or to riding or just plain walk to where you need to get.

Lowenthal actually believes that free parking is a "major contributor to traffic jams and pollution."

He hopes his bill will entice cities and businesses to reduce free parking or to get rid of it altogether. “Free parking has significant social, economic and environmental costs,” Lowenthal said in media remarks this past week.

“It increases congestion and greenhouse gas emissions.”   WTF?

If the bill is signed into law, it provides financial incentives for cities and counties to stop providing free parking on the street and at government offices and to reduce the amount they require businesses to provide.

Lowenthal and the other Democrats who are pushing this measure need to wake up and understand that we are in a recession. Of course, all Senators and State Assemblyman and all Members of Congress are "exempt" from parking fees due to their specially marked license plates they use on their cars in which we tax payers actually own.

Lowenthal calls free parking a “luxury.” No, Senator, the People already own "the PUBLIC PARKING" and perhaps we need to draft a law that would take away your "free parking" pass once and for all.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Remembering: Harriett Wieder, was the first woman ever elected to the Orange County Board of Supervisors, and one brassy political gal!

I just learned of the passing of former OC Supe Harriett Wieder. She died a couple of weeks ago, but I wanted to make this post.  RIP.

By Randy Economy

In case you didn't know, former Orange County Supervisor Harriett Wieder passed away earlier this month.

She was 89.

Harriett was a political icon in Orange County.  I had the honor to work for her back in the 1980's when she was running for reelection to the Orange County Board of Supervisors.

She really was one of a kind - a political and community leader in Orange County for over 35 years as past mayor of Huntington Beach and the first woman to become Orange County supervisor.   I spent lots of time with her back then at her amazing Huntington Harbor home, and she was a tireless campaigner. 

Harriett was "brassy" and ALWAYS told you what was on her mind. We need more people like Harriett in public office today. She hated "party politics" and even though she was a Republican, she endorsed Bill Clinton and loved tons of human rights causes.

(Hey, if my old pal Micheal Mercier reads this, drop me a note, M!  We had lots of fun with Harriett...good times).

She bravely & successfully fought lung cancer a few years ago, and enjoyed her life of retirement at the Balboa Bay Club, but remained active in many of her favorite political & community organizations.


The life of Harriett Wieder

Born: Oct. 7, 1920
1970s: Worked as assistant to former Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty
1974: Elected to Huntington Beach City Council
1976: Elected Huntington Beach mayor
1978: Became first woman elected to the Orange County Board of Supervisors, representing the 2nd District.
1988: Launched a GOP primary run for the 42nd District congressional seat. During the campaign, opponents reveal that she lied about her education. Wieder loses to Dana Rohrbacher.
1992: Endorses Bill Clinton for president, drawing stinging criticism from Orange County Republican leaders.
1993: Spurred the board to enact a county ordinance banning gifts to supervisors and their aides. It is the strongest such ordinance in the state.
1994: Decided against running for re-election to the board. Later that year, on Dec. 6, county filed for protection under federal bankruptcy laws.
1995: Retired from county board

Source: The Orange County Register

Tell me what you think??
Did you know Harriett?
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Breaking News: Stand off on Kimbark Avenue is over. One man is dead and another is under arrest. FBI holding off on releasing name of victim

Breaking News
10:33 p.m. PST
Thursday, January 28th, 2010
By Randy Economy

Whittier, CA:  The daylong drama  on Kimbark Avenue here is over. 

But, the nightmare of the details of what caused this long day standoff is just beginning.

A man suspected of producing child pornography was found dead in his home tonight by the FBI SWAT team. They surrounded the residence earlier this morning. 

The FBI is not going to release the name of the man who who died at the scene, and I totally respect and applaud them for this decision.

The man died, identified in local media as  of a self-inflicted bullet wound, FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller told the LA Times tonight.  Law enforcement authorities used a robot with a surveillance camera operated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to enter the home and look for the suspect.

Earlier in the day, members of a multi-agency task force attempted to serve a search warrant on the house in the 10400 block of Kimbark Avenue. When authorities tried to enter the house, the man fled inside and task force members heard a gunshot, the FBI said.

A second man, Damian Dmytrykovfky of Whittier, was arrested when the task force arrived at the house, and will probably be charged with making a false statement, the FBI said.

Eimiller said the investigation was ongoing and that authorities had not determined the extent of the alleged pornography or whether any children were victimized.

Tell me what you think??
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Update on Breaking News: Whittier stand off is taking place at Historic Von Helding Estate

Whittier, CA
January 28, 2010
Updated at 9:01 p.m.


The Historic Von Helding Estate at 10404 Kimbark Avenue in Whittier

Due to the huge interest in this "breaking news" from the 10400 block of Kimbark Avenue in Whittier, (more than 2,000 people have visited my blog during the past couple of hours) I wanted to share this media report from KABC Eyewitness News Reporter Leslie Miller that aired on the 5 p.m. news. 

I also wanted to provide some additional information about that location.

BTW....the location of the incident involved is the famous Von Helding Estate,10404 Kimbark Avenue. 

The Von Helding Estate (this is the "Drawing Room" inside the location) was built in 1923, and was the winter home of the Baron and the Baroness Von Helding.

It is still owned by the family.

It has been used for hundreds of local community events, weddings, birthdays and other ceremonies.

I will keep you posted, I have lots more to share on this matter.  Literally thousands of local community members have visited this historic location.

The website for the estate is located here: http://vonheldingestate.com/

I am going to hold off on publishing the name of those involved, until this incident is completly over.

PLEASE....Check back, I will provide more details as they happen.

Tell me what you think?? Have you been to this historic home before?
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BREAKING NEWS: FBI Swat Team on scene at Whittier home over on Kimbark Avenue; Gun Shot fired

Breaking News
January 28, 2010
5:10 p.m.

By Randy Economy
WHITTIER, Calif.  --

A neighborhood here in our part of Los Angeles County is under "lock down" this afternoon, as a suspect has barricaded himself inside a home over on the 10400 block of Kimbark Avenue in Whittier.

FBI agents served a search warrant at a residence at 7 a.m. today on the charges of the production of child pornography.

Based on evidence found at the home, they were going to make a probable cause arrest on the suspect, but as FBI  agents discussed the situation, the suspect fled to another room in the house and barricaded himself inside.

FBI and local area law enforcement departments are on the scene and at least one gun shot has been fired at the scene.  A tactical team was called to the scene and is currently arriving at the scene.

L.A. County Sheriff's deputies are assisting with the perimeter, and paramedics are standing by at the scene.
There is no report of any injuries.

Stay tuned...YIKES

Send me your pics to RREconomy@aol.com and I will post them.

Official Release from Whittier Police Department on the arrests of two LAPD Offices on "assault with a deadly weapon" charges

Here is the "official" details on the arrest of the 2 Los Angeles Police Department officers who "allegedly" assualted a local man here on Tuesday night.

This is from the Whittier Police Department's Official News Blog.  Thanks!

(Whittier, CA) - On January 26, 2010 at approximately 8:00 pm, Whittier officers were dispatched to a fight call at Panera Bread located at 15630 Whittwood Ln. in the City of Whittier. While enroute to the location, officers were advised that one of the subjects was armed with a handgun. When officers arrived, the subjects involved in the fight had already separated, but were still at the scene.

The preliminary investigation revealed that one of the suspects was involved in a verbal argument with his girlfriend. The victim, who was standing nearby talking on his cell phone observed the argument. One of the suspects confronted the victim and struck him in the face. A fight ensued between one of the suspects and the victim at which point one of the suspects pulled out a handgun and began hitting the victim in the head.

The victim was able to break free, but as he tried to run away, both suspects chased after him and tackled him to the ground where the assault continued. The victim eventually broke free of both suspects and ran into a nearby Target store. The investigation revealed that both suspects were off duty Los Angeles Police Department officers who were subsequently arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.

The victim was treated at the scene and transported to a local hospital for further evaluation. The victim suffered serious injuries to his head as a result of the assault.
Arrested were:  Brandon Valdez 03-27-1980 (pictured above left
Patrick Fitzgerald 11-24-1971 (pictured at top right)

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Breaking News: 2 Los Angeles Police Officers arrested here in Whittier on "assault with a deadly weapon" charges after a local man is beaten in Target Store parking lot

(LAPD Officers  left-Brandon James Valdez, 29, and right-Patrick Anthony Fitzgerald, 38, have been arrested and released for assault with a deadly weapon on a local Whittier man).

Beaking News:
January 27, 2010
10:21 p.m.

By Randy Economy

(Whittier, CA): Two Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers were arrested by the Whittier Police Department for assault with a deadly weapon on a local man.

The incident occurred last night at a nearby Target Store Shopping Center on Tuesday, January 26, 2010 at about 8 p.m.,

The Whittier Police Department is now conducting a criminal investigation into the incident.

Whittier police said one of the suspects  thought the 31-year-old resident was paying too much attention to an argument the officer was having with his girlfriend.

The officers had been drinking, according to Lt. Carlos Solorza.  Brandon James Valdez, 29, and Patrick Anthony Fitzgerald, 38, were arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and both were booked at the Whittier Jail early Wednesday morning.  Valdez is a former Iraqi war veteran.

Both posted a $30,000 bond.   New LAPD Chief of Police Charlie Beck told a Press Conference today that this issue is being treated "very seriously" and that this type of behavior is "unacceptable."

Both officers will be on administrative leave pending the outcome of this investigation, according to Beck.

"The LAPD takes this matter seriously. The LAPD will rigorously investigate this incident and fully cooperate with the Whittier Police Department," Beck said.

Tell me what you think of this matter?
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Giving a "shout out" to the LBPOST.com for a great "interactive" Town Hall for tonight's State of the Union! These guys rock!

I wanted to give a "high five" to the LBPost.com for hosting a wonderful, lively "on line chat" tonight during President Obama's  State of the Union address.

Dozens of readers participated in the chat, including Long Beach City Councilman Robert Garcia, and other active area community leaders.

The chat during the hour-long address was linked on the LBPost Facebook Page. 

Readers, including myself, focused much of our comments on Obama's new job plans, strengthening small businesses with new tax cuts and other domestic issues.  We even opined about what Nancy Pelosi was wearing (yep) and if Veep Joe Biden was actually cat napping/

Make sure you BOOKMARK the LBPost.com website...and again, great job to everyone who participated!

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Help find those who killed Jonathan Muse, 17, here in Artesia: We ALL need justice in this case!

(Artesia/Cerritos, CA) I wanted to update the investigation into the murder investigation of seventeen-year-old Jonathan Muse from Artesia who was slain at about 11:30 p.m. on Wednesday, August 20, 2008.

Jonathan was riding his bicycle to visit a friend when he was shot on Pioneer Boulevard under the 91 Freeway.

It is very likely that the killer has bragged about the murder. Anyone with any information about the murder of Jonathan Muse should call the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Homicide Bureau at (323) 890-5500.

I want to congratulate the City of Cerritos and Fox News here in Los Angeles for keeping this case visable to our community. The above clip is from Fox News LA Reporter Tony Valdez, and we all need to thank him for this valuable coverage.

Also, I want to urge you to check out www.SaferCerritos.com. This is a great tool for the community, and everyone needs to keep alert, and informed!

Randy Economy

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Song of the Day: No Such Thing by John Mayer dedicated to my "Peeps" at Cerritos High School!

John Mayer is amazing. This is for everyone over at my ol' Alma Mater Cerritos High School...circa Class of 1978. Go Dons!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Political Bad Boy of the Day: Former Inglewood Mayor Roosevelt Dorn, age 74, pleads "GUILTY" to conflict of interest and given 2 years probation after he took a $500,000 "loan" from his City coffers

Busted Inglewood Mayor Roosevelt Dorn and his political pal Rep. Maxine Waters

By Randy Economy

LOS ANGELES – What is up with these local "powerhouse" Mayors who are getting popped on corruption charges this week?

The LA County District Attorney's Public Integrity Division bagged another aged "political" bad boy when former Inglewood Mayor Roosevelt Franklin Dorn, 74, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor count of conflict of interest.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge George Lomeli immediately sentenced Dorn to two years probation and ordered him to pay a $1,000 fine. Dorn, who resigned last night as mayor of Inglewood, is precluded for the rest of his life from holding public office as a result of the conviction.

Dorn was charged in June 2008 in connection with a low-interest loan he obtained through the City of Inglewood in 2004. Prosecutors said Dorn had a law modified in order to become eligible for a city residence incentive program that offered low-interest housing to executive non-elected municipal employees. The change in the law extended the program to elected officials.

Dorn went on to obtain a $500,000 loan through the program in November 2004. It was alleged that some of the funds were used to pay off his residence in Inglewood and the rest went into his bank account.  Gee, sounds like a great loan, if you can swing it.

Deputy District Attorneys Juliet Schmidt and Max Huntsman of the Public Integrity Division prosecuted the case.  I love Juliet and Max!  These two are amazing, and really care about the public's BEST interest!  I think I need to start a "Facebook Fan" page for Max and Juliet!

Last week, the man who served as Vernon’s mayor for more than a half-century, Leonis Malberg, age 80,  and his wife, Dominica, age 83, were sentenced to probation and ordered to pay more than $600,000 in fines and penalties following their conviction for voter fraud and other corruption charges.

So, if your a local city councilman or mayor and wants to break laws by stuffing  public money in your pants, just remember, Max Huntsman, Juliet Schmidt and Steve Cooley just might show up at your front door with a real "posse!"


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CROSS--OVER Voting will be allowed by DEMOCRATS and REPUBLICANS in the June Primary

Blog by Randy Economy

I am totally loving Dean Logan tonight, and Deb Bowen, ain't to shabby either!

Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk  Dean Logan (aka: The "Dean" of Democracy here in da' Hood') is notifying voters that the Democratic and Republican parties have provided notice to the Secretary of State that they will allow voters registered as “Decline to State” or “Non-Partisan” to cross-over and vote on Democratic or Republican party ballots in the June 8, 2010 Statewide Primary Election.

Decline to State and Non-Partisan voters who do not wish to cross-over can vote a Non-Partisan ballot limited to statewide and local measures and non-partisan contests.

BTW...and for my new readers....I use to be BOTH a DEMOCRAT and a REPUBLICAN but today I am the "self-appointed" Chair of California's Undecided Party.  The two-party system is broken and corrupt and the only way to change it is to register as a "Declined to State Voter."  Join me in making California more accountable and "independent" from greedy political party bosses.

California’s “Modified Closed Primary” provides for political parties to allow “Non-Partisan” or “Decline to State” voters to cross-over and vote in their scheduled party primary elections. For the June 8, 2010 Statewide Primary Election the Democratic and Republican parties requested that this option be exercised.

Secretary of State Deb Bowen, said both the California Democratic and Republican Party has adoptied the party rules that make this new voting possible for people like ME...and MILLIONS of others who are sick and tired of the "two-party" system here.

Logan said he and his crack staff over at the Registrar of Voters operation here in Norwalk, will inform "unaffiliated/independent voters) of their ability to cross-over and participate in the parties’ primaries through our countywide voter education efforts.”

Information about cross-over options will be mailed to all unaffiliated permanent mail-in voters informing them of their options well in advance of the election. Official sample ballot booklets, mailed to all registered voters during the weeks prior to the election will provide further instructions.

More importantly, poll workers will be trained extensively so that Decline to State and Non-Partisan voters who vote at their polling location will be aware of their options on Election Day.  Hey, for additional information for Decline to State and Non-Partisan voters check out http://www.lavote.net/.

Voters may also call the RR/CC at 1 (800) 815-2666.

Tell me what you think??
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Monday, January 25, 2010

Beware of the "Koobface" Computer Virus: I have been attacked TWICE in the last 45 days and it comes from Facebook Applications

 I wanted to let you know that their is a "malicious virus" that is being spread via Facebook and My Space.

I have been the victim of the new "KOOBFACE" Virus that is contracted through "Facebook" and "My Space" Applications like Farmville, What's my Chinese Name, Mafia Wars, Food Fights, Pillow Fights, etc.
 The virus hits really hard and super fast and locks you out of your computer when a "countdown" clock pops up on your screen. It will ask you to enter two "verification words" to keep your computer from turning off in 3 minutes. When you type in the two "verification words" the worm hits your computer and you are locked out and shut down. It is also getting around your firewalls.

I want to thank the "Geek Squad" over at the Cerritos Best Buy for getting me back up, and on line. Gonzo, and Jim and Larry and all the GEEKS are amazing! But this crash cost me $219.00 to fix. A costly worm fer ser!

So....beware of what you’re signing up for on Facebook, it might cost you hundreds of dollars in computer repairs.

Tell me what you think??
Have you been hit with the "Facebook APP Virus"
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Update on Triple Murder in Lawdale: Victims are Brittany Howard, 23, Ivison Washington, 27, and Brandon Wright 27. Detectives need help to solve case

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Homicide Detectives are continuing to investigate the circumstances surrounding the shooting death of two men and a woman in the 14600 block of Larch Avenue in Lawndale that occurred last Friday at approximately at 3:05 p.m.

Detectives have released the names of the victims today and they are  BRITTANY HOWARD, age 23;
IVISON WASHINGTON, 27 and boyfriend of Howard; and BRANDON WRIGHT, 27 who is the brother of Howard.

The community is being asked to help solve this case by providing any relative information. Please call the SHERIFF'S HOMICIDE BUREAU AT (323) 890-5500.

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Saturday, January 23, 2010

Forever 21 opens its massive new trendy store here at Los Cerritos Mall on Saturday -- 10 a.m.

By Randy Economy

Cerritos:   The new Forever 21 will finally have its grand opening Saturday here at the Los Cerritos Center Center.  Its an impressive new space and it will become the "flagship" for the trendy fashion chain that will hold 85,000-square-feet of apperal for men and women who want to alway feel...you guest it..."forever 21." The store is located at the former Mervyns location, which use to be the former Orbach's Department Store, back when the Los Cerritos Mall opened back in the 1970's.

The Cerritos location will be Forever 21's largest store.  On Saturday (today) the opening day, the first 500 shoppers in line will receive a Forever 21 gift card, with values ranging up to $210.   Doors open at 10 a.m.  The opening will also feature an in-store DJ, coupons for 10 percent off, and select merchandise for $5, $10 and $15. 

Sprinkles Cupcakes (totally yummy cakers) will offer samples to customers who make a purchase.  Los Cerritos Center is at the San Gabriel (605) Freeway and South Street.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Missing Person Bulletin Issued for Artesia/Cerritos/Norwalk Community: Man with "special needs" is being sought

Breaking News in  Artesia, CA
11:17 p.m.
Friday, January 22. 2010
Blog and Pic from Randy Economy

Tonight, Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies are asking the community for information on the whereabouts of a 54-year old man from Artesia who has escaped from a secured facility.

Michael James Lobben, 53, was last seen at 6:30 a.m. last Saturday, January 16, 2010 where he left a monitored location on Artesia Boulevard.  The missing man suffers from schizophrenia, obsessive compulsive disorder and has a "diminished" mental capacity.

Lobben has gray hair, brown eyes and wear glasses, and his family is very concerned and is asking for the communitiy's assistance.

If you happen to see Mr. Lobben here in Cerritos, Artesia, Lakewood, Norwalk or Hawaiian Gardens,  or anywhere else around here, please call the Sheriff's Missing Person's Detail at 323 460-5500.

The two law enforcement officials overseeing this case are Detective T. Abraham, and Detective Diane M. Harris.  For reference, the case number is FCN# 2321001600201, and the NCIC  is #M378628194

Let's help find Mr. Lobben.
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Breaking News: Two violent Crimes in Lawndale and West Hollywood leave 5 people dead; Sheriff Homicide are asking for help from the public

By Randy Economy

In the middle of these nasty rain storms, two violent crimes have taken place leaving 5 people dead in Lawndale and West Hollywood on Friday.

Three Killed in Lawndale
Los Angeles County Sheriff's Homicide Detectives  are  continuing to investigate the circumstances surrrounding the shooting death of two men and a woman in the 14600 Block of Larch Avenue in Lawndale tonight.

Detectives have learned that Deputies from the Lennox Station responded to the location about a possible gunshot victim and when they arrived they found  three people who were pronounced dead at the scene.

Two Asain Women found Dead on Fuller Avenue in We Ho
Sheriff Deputies in West Hollywood are also investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of two Asain women at the 1100 Block of Fuller Avenue.

Detectives have learned that Deputies from West Hollywood Station responded to the location after
receiving a call from a maintenance worker of a possible gas leak, and when they arrived, they found two women deceased. One of the deaths apprear to be a suicide and the other appears to be a "suspicious" death.

Anyone with information regarding these two incidents are asked to call the Sheriff's Homicide Bureau at  323-890-5500.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: CROOKED Long-Time Vernon Mayor LEONIS MALBURG, age 80, and wife Dominica, age 83, sentenced to Probation and fined $600,000 for voter fraud!


LOS ANGELES – I hope every seedy politician in Los Angeles County is paying attention to this amazing story that tonight is "breaking" out of the corrupt City of Vernon, CA.

The man who served as Vernon’s mayor for more than a half-century and his wife were sentenced today to probation and ordered to pay more than $600,000 in fines and penalties following their conviction last month for voter fraud and other charges.

Leonis Malburg, 80, was barred from holding any elective office and placed on five years probation and by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson. The judge found the couple guilty Dec. 4 following a court trial. Malburg’s 83-year-old wife, Dominica, was placed on three years probation, said Deputy District Attorneys Max Huntsman and Jonlyn Callahan, who prosecuted the case.

Malburg was ordered to pay a total of $183,800 in fines and penalty assessments and more than $395,000 in restitution to the City of Vernon for salary, benefits and travel for the time he was elected in April 11, 2006. His wife was ordered to pay $36,000 in fines and penalties.

“For several decades this family has treated the City of Vernon as a solely owned family enterprise,” District Attorney Steve Cooley said. “That is not the way government is supposed to work.”

The couple was found guilty of conspiracy to commit voter registration fraud, fraudulent voting and voter registration fraud. In addition, Leonis Malburg was convicted of a public official aiding illegal votes, false declaration of candidacy, voter registration fraud, perjury by declaration, fraudulent voting and assisting an unqualified voter (his wife).

Their son, John, former dean of students at Daniel Murphy Catholic High School, pleaded no contest last year to conspiracy, voter registration fraud and perjury. In a separate and unrelated case, he pleaded guilty to child molestation. He currently is serving an eight-year prison term.

Even though all three registered to vote in Vernon, the judge said none of the Malburg’s lived there. While maintaining apartments on Leonis Boulevard and 50th Street in Vernon, the family actually lived in Hancock Park.

In a nutshell, no one is ABOVE the law, regardless of your age.  Vernon has been nothing more than a modern day "mob family" who ontrolled tens of millions of dollars year in and year out, and their house of cards just crumbled!

Randy Economy

Tell me what you think??
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Don Bosco Tech Prinicipal Gary Catalano addresses students after stabbing incident last week; Statement issued to Community, Parents and Students


Thursday, January 21, 2010, 10:13 p.m.:

During the past week, the students of Don Bosco Tech Catholic High School here in Rosemead have been through a nightmare.

Principal Gary Catalano was stabbed twice by one of its students, and many beginning to understand just how tragic this could have been.  This incident has been covered by media all over the Southland and national newscasts. Good News: Mr. Catalano is expected to fully recover from his injuries, and he spoke to the students during an emotional address earlier this week.  I have had thousands of people log on to this Blog to read about this incident, some as far away as The Phillipines, and Italy, and South America. 
Tonight, I wanted to pass along this "official update" from Sharon J. Morano, President of  Don Bosco Tech Catholic High School to the community, students and members of the media. Mr. Catalano and all the students of Don Bosco continue to be in my thoughts and prayers.  This is a GREAT school, with great dedicated (and smart) students, teachers, and administrators.  Peace!

Students, Parents and Community Members:
"You are aware that shortly after noon on Friday, January 15 , a sixteen-year old sophomore, without any apparent provocation, twice stabbed our principal, Gary Catalano, in the back while he was meeting with him under the pretense of wanting to show him some papers. The student immediately fled the principal’s office, but was apprehended without further incident a short distance from the school by our security officer and staff.

Law enforcement personnel responded immediately and the student was taken into custody. At no time were our students in danger during this isolated incident. The attack occurred in the administration building, a localized section of campus, and the building was locked down immediately. Afterward, the students, faculty and staff were gathered in the gymnasium for a brief assembly to provide information about the incident, to allay fears and to pray for Mr. Catalano’s recovery and for the student who assaulted him.

Each student was given a brief statement to bring home to parents.  Counseling services were made available to students and staff, and are being provided throughout this week through the auspices of the Victims Assistance Ministry Office, Archdiocese of Los Angeles, and the school’s counseling staff.

Mr. Catalano will fully recover from his injuries; thankfully, the wounds missed any vital organs. In fact, Mr. Catalano resumed his duties today, but will follow a modified schedule this week to allow for a full recovery. Mr. Catalano addressed the students at a brief assembly this morning.

Friday’s incident was certainly an aberration. There are no prior instances of assault on campus and even fighting is an extraordinarily rare occurrence. The School has a detailed security plan and every effort is made to ensure a safe and secure environment for our students. However, there is little one can do to guard against this kind of unpredictable conduct. Nevertheless, we are reviewing all our security procedures to determine whether or not any changes can be made.

Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any particular concerns relating to this incident or its handling. Let me again state that at no time were our students in danger during this incident. With complete confidence, I can assure you that your son’s personal well-being and safety are our utmost concern and that Don Bosco Technical Institute will continue to take every measure to ensure a safe and secure educational environment for your son so that learning can truly take place.


Sharon J. Morano
Don Bosco Tech Catholic High School

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The Tornado over Long Beach caught on camera! AMAZING PIC!

This AMAZING PHOTO of the TORNADO over LONG BEACH-and Seal Beach, CA on WEDNESDAY afternoon (1-20-10) and was posted on my buddy Daniel Breznoff's FACEBOOK PAGE tonight.

I had to post it here. 

This pic was taken by Bogarts Coffe House.  Freakin' amazing.  Tornados in LONG BEACH!

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Breaking News: State of Emergency/Severe Weather Warning ISSUED for SOUTHEAST LA/ORANGE COUNTY till 9 p.m.

Breaking News:
7:51 p.m.
January 21, 2010
By: Randy Economy

The National Weather Service has declared an "Emergency Warning" for Southeast Los Angeles County and Western Orange County till 9 p.m. tonight.

We have been pelted with severe thunder, lightning  and hail here in Cerritos for the past 15 minutes, and this dangerous storm has prompted an "ALERT" from the NWS.   We just got hit with three powerful lightning strikes here in the Cerritos/Norwalk/Buena Park area and the skies opened up with hail and flash rain. The thunder was so loud, it literally rocked our house.

A state of emergency has been declared in five California counties due to a series of winter storms.

Acting California Gov. Jerry Brown (he's BACK!) proclaimed the emergency Thursday for Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Francisco and Siskiyou counties.

Four powerful Pacific storms have caused several deaths, urban flooding, power outages and forced evacuation of more than 1,200 homes in danger of massive debris and mud flows.

Tell me what you think??
How are you dealing with these storms?
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Southern CA Storm: Flash Flood Day 3: Video of SAN PEDRO on WEDNESDAY. THIS IS AMAZING!

I had to post this AMAZING FLOOD FOOTAGE  from YOU TUBE one of my readers sent me tonight about the FLASHFLOOD that occurred in SAN PEDRO on Wednesday.

THIS IS INCREDIBLE footage that you have to check out.

Within minutes this entire neighborhood goes from dry to underwater.

FROM YOU TUBE toastt21a:

"This is Day 3 in a series of severe storms that are striking Southern California (severe by Southern CA standards). The strongest portion moved through the area earlier this afternoon. At the start of the clip on the computer screen, you can see the dark red shading move from left to right; this is the most severe portion of the storm and it is bearing down on my location. The rain turns torrential, and huge amounts of water pick up steam as they roll down the hill that is Gaffey St. in the North San Pedro area. The water turns downhill off fourth street and heads at a rapid clip towards the Grand Ave. neighborhoods that were ravaged yesterday. Today, drains are clear and the water runs off much faster. Still, open drains are no match for the Mother Nature when she decides to turn the faucet on full blast! "

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Two rivers meet at the Los Angeles/Orange County Boarder at the Los Coyotes Riverbed.  Water levels rose almost to 50 feet high, and nearly overflowed its banks on Wednesday night. 
Randy Economy Photo

By Randy Economy
1:12 a.m. PST

Los Angeles, California -- Are you ready for Round 4 of this obnoxious weather here in otherwise "sunny Southern California?"

Torrential downpours from a strengthening El Nino, already inundating parts of California, were expected to pound our area and just about all of the Golden State on Thursday.

"The city of Los Angeles continues to operate on high alert, with all city departments monitoring and responding to all storm-related activities," Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said Wednesday evening in a televised press conference aired on every news program  in LA.. 

Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster urged all of his residents to just "stay indoors, and avoid going outside altogether."

Rainfall amounts of 1 to 3 inch were recorded all over Metro LA on Wedensday and most of it fell in just 3 to 4 hours.

According to the National Weather Service,  Long Beach reported over 2 inches, and Cerritos had a little more than 1.91 inches. This weeks storms (number 4 will hit today, in case you are keeping track) could dump 5 inches to 8 inches of rain here in the LA Basin by Thursday night and up to 10 inches in the foothills and mountains.

These nasty storms flooded our already jammed packed freeways, including the San Diego Freeway at Lakewood and parts of the Long Beach Freeway in Long Beach and Compton were totally under a foot of water.

The water in the concrete lined Los Coyotes Creek between the boarder of Los Angeles and Orange County crested near the top on Wednesday night, prompting warnings to stay totally away from overcrossings if you happen to be out in this mess via "foot travel."

Authorities warned of possibly severe mudslides on hillsides stripped by last year's forest fires and ordered evacuations for more than 800 homes.

My favorite quote of the day came from new Los Angeles Police Department Cheif Charlie Beck when he told a press conference in Downtown on Wednesday night: "Let me be very clear. If a Los Angeles police officer comes to your door and tells you to leave, that you're being evacuated, leave. We're not doing it because we think your lawn is going to get dirty. We're not doing it because your carpet's going to get wet. We're doing it because your life is at risk."  Well said, Cheif!

Here in the city of Norwalk, which for generations has had major flooding issues when it rains this bad due to it's typography, is  providing free sandbags (sorry, first come, first served) at different locations throughout the Keystone City, including:

Fire station 20: 562-863-0214, 12110 Adoree St., cross street Norwalk Boulevard.
Fire station 115: 562-868-5212, 11317 Alondra Blvd.
Aquatic Pavillion, 12301 Sproul St.
Gerdes Park, 14700 Gridley Road.
Hermosillo Park, 11959 162nd St.
Bob White Park, 12120 Hoxie Ave.
Holifield Park, 12500 Excelsior Drive.
Transportation/Public Services Facility, 12650 Imperial Hwy., use Civic Center Drive gate entrance.

For information call the Norwalk Public Services office at 562-929-5511.

Tell me what you think??
Send me your weather pics?
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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Next Top Chef? Five local high school students compete for "Top Chef" award at Cerritos Sheraton Hotel

 Competing in the "New" Top Chef Contest at the Cerritos Sheraton Hotel are Adam Wilson, 18, from Cerritos High School, Stephanie Fong, 17 from Whitney High School, Chef Carlos Garcia from the Cerritos Sheraton, Katherine Olaguver, 17 from Cerritos High School, and Adam Drummond, 17 from Tracy High School and Steve Shim, 17 from Whitney HS..

Randy Economy photo

Five great young aspiring "chefs" are participating in a competition at the Cerritos Sheraton Hotel at the Cerritos Towne Center.

The five students involved reside here in our community and attend the ABC Unified School District Regional Occupation Program (ROP). All of them currently attending Cerritos High School, Whitney High School and Tracy High School.

These "soon to be chefs" will be presenting one dish that they created and perfected over the past 12 weeks to a group of local culinary experts who will be serving as judges. The winning dish will make its way onto the new menu that is being revamped at the hotel's fantastic "Grille 91 Restaurant." The "Grille 91" has some of the best food in this entire area, and a new menu is about to be announced.

Chef Carlos Garcia (middle) from the Sheraton Cerritos has been serving the instructor for these students during this past school semester. He is totally impressed with all of their skills. "All five of these young chefs have done an incredible job here in our kitchen, and all of them have very bright futures," said Garcia.

I had the honor of "testing" all five of the dishes in the completion during a "run through" last week. All of them were amazing...all of them! 

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Breaking News: Evacuation sites for San Pedro, Glendale, Foothills, North Hollywood and Sunland/Tujunga

EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SERVICES BULLETIN for CITY OF LOS ANGELES for JANUARY 20, 2010, 5:40 p.m.  from the Los Angeles Emergency Management Department. James Featherstone is the Genral Manager.

The City of Los Angeles has opened the following shelters and evacuation shelters for this massive storm that is strinking us at this very monent:

Sunland Tujunga Recreation Center
•8651 Foothill Blvd. Sunland
•Phone: (818) 352-5282 Fax: (818) 353-0210
•Small animals will be sheltered at Sunland Recreation Center at a portable kennel

North Hollywood Senior Center
•530 Tujunga Ave, North Hollywood
•Phone: (818) 763-5361

Pierce College
•Large Animals will be sheltered at Pierce College
•6201 Winnetka Ave, Woodland Hills
•Phone: (818) 719-6401

The American Red Cross has also opened the following Shelters:
La Canada High School
•4463 Oak Grove Dr, La Canada
(818) 952-4200

Anderson Memorial Senior Center
•828 S. Mesa Street, San Pedro
•Phone: (310) 548-7596

Glendale Civic Auditorium
•1401 N Verdugo Road, Glendale
• (818) 548-2147

Updates will be posted on the following EMD sites:
•EMD Information Help Line (800) 439-2909

Tell me what you think??
Are you being evacuated?
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Breaking News: Cerritos and La Palma plunged into afternoon darkness as power outage hits during storm

La Palma and the Eastside of Cerritos were plunged into darkness this afternoon at 4:30 p.m. as a major power outage occurred here.

According to Southern California Edison, a utility box was submerged underwater in La Palma effecting several hundred homes.

Power was restored at 5:22 p.m.

Randy Economy

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Breaking News: Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster urges all residents to "stay inside" (duh) during this massive storm

THE RIVERS HAVE RAPIDS today in Long Beach!

Breaking STORM News in Long Beach:
By Randy Economy

Long Beach Mayor Bob Foster has sent out an "SOS" to the nearly 800,000 residents of his coastal community to stay "indoors" during the next day or so.

The rain has much of Long Beach underway this afternoon, and the worse is yet to come.

In a message sent out this afternoon from the Mayor's office, the City of Long Beach will doing the following:

* Safely tow for free any vehicle abandoned or trapped in a flooded street to the nearest safe location.
* NOT issue street sweeping citations Thursday.
* Provide large trash bins at severely impacted areas to assist residents and businesses with clean-up efforts.
* Provide free sand and up to 10 bags at five Fire Stations:
o Station No. 5 7575 E. Wardlow Road (El Dorado Park)
Station No. 7 2295 Elm Ave.
Station No. 12 6509 Gundry Ave.
Station No. 13 2475 Adriatic Ave.
Station No. 14 5200 Eliot St.

o Sand can also be obtained for free at the Public Works/San Francisco Yard, 1601 San Francisco Ave. (outside, next to the gate, on the Esther Street side).
o Residents with mobility impairments, or seniors who need assistance can obtain filled bags at the Senior Center at El Dorado Park West, 2800 Studebaker Road, and the Long Beach Senior Center, 1150 E. 4th St.
* Identify flooded locations, prioritize the most pressing areas, barricade intersections to divert traffic, and clear away any debris.

Residents and business are asked to:
* Report any life-threatening emergency to 9-1-1.
* Report flooding, blocked storm drains, fallen trees or limbs, etc. by calling 562.570.2726.
* Keep trashcans up on the sidewalk and out of the gutter, so they don’t block the flow of water into the catch basins. Water in the gutter can lift and flip light trashcans, and then the trash will block the catch basin, compounding the problem. Refuse service will maintain the normal schedule.
* Never drive through a flooded street. If you don’t need to drive, stay at home. If you come across a flooded intersection or street, turn around or find an alternate route.

Also, California State University at Long Beach will be closed tonight and tomorrow due to the storm.

The 710 Freeway at the 91 is under water in both directions, so avoid the 91 and 710

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Massive Downpour hits LA! This is really scary

Within the past 15 minues, the rain really began to hit us. The water is already above our gutters.  My trash cans ended up on Stowers, and it is just plain nasty.

Here is the latest statelite map and here comes another nightmare.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mandatory evacuations underway for La Canada Flintridge. New wave of storms are beginning to arrive, and this one will be wicked

La Canada Flintridge, CA:
By Randy Economy
Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hundreds of homes in La Canada Flintridge are under "mandatory evacuation orders" for Wednesday morning as another powerful storm gets ready to slam into the Southland.

Los Angeles County Fire officials said they will issue mandatory evacuation orders for about 587 homes in flood-prone foothill areas beginning as early as 9 a.m. Wednesday in anticipation of the next storm that is already beginning to start come down from the cloudy skies.

La Canada Flintridge residents could be kept out of their homes until Sunday or Monday according to officials.

LA County officials say they will alert residents via a reverse 9-1-1 telephone system when it is time to go, but don't wait to the last minute.  Be perpared to leave tonight.

Sheriff's deputies will also go door-to-door in neighborhoods at risk of heavy mud flows.

Evacuation Center will be available at the La Canada HS Gymnasium located at 4463 Oak Grove Drive.

The Pasadena Humane Society will be at the school to help care for pets.

Discounted Hotel Rates are available at the Pasadena Courtyard by Marriott (626-403-7600) and the Burbank Residence Inn by Marriot (818-260-8787) hotels.  

Hey, if you wanna escape the madness of LCF altogether, try evacuating to the amazing Cerritos Sheraton Hotel here off the 91 Freeway at Civic Center Drive.  GREAT GREAT accomodations and the food is incredible!!

Flash flood watches are now in effect for the fire burned hillsides that now is nothing more than a black sooted earth cover .

Tell me what you think??  Are you being evacuated tonight?
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