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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mayor Ali Saleh takes over as "interim" City Manager of Bell. What a farce.

By Randy Economy
Tuesday, April 26, 2011
10:26 a.m.

Bell, CA
The circus act that has become the City of Bell is BACK IN TOWN!  Mayor Ali Saleh is now the "official" "Interim City Administrator" and the "MAYOR" at the exact same time.  How the heck did this happen. Simple. Fine print in the city charter says that the mayor will assume the role of interim city administrator if there is no full time "city administrator" or "acting city administrator.
ALI SALEH: Waves to his minions in Bell.  Randy Economy Photo
"The city decided to part ways with Pedro Carrillo as he proposed a tough new set of budget cuts aimed at holding off insolvency, including leaving executive positions unfilled, eliminating the three highest-ranking police officers in the city and requiring employees to pay for half of their retirement," the Los Angeles Times reported in on on-line edition this evening.
Saleh, who runs a clothing store, has NO CLUE how to manage the operations of a city, including a police department.  Mayor Saleh" and "Interim City Administrator Saleh"  is now the "Ruler" of Bell.
Waving the old' iron fist,  and no one can stop him.

What a joke.  I just got off the line with my pal Mario Rivas, who is serving our country "down under" during a current "tour of duty" is outraged over this latest brew-ha-ha.  Mario was a candidate in the recent historical election in Bell, and came up a tad short of winning a seat on the "new and improved Bell City Council." Mario told me tonight:   "It looks like the Bell Police Officers Association are now running Bell City Hall."  Yep.  Su
This map shows the incorporated areas in Los A...Image via Wikipediare does, Mario. This is GOING to be FUN to watch.  Wonder what Robert Rizzo is thinking tonight?  OMG.  Paging Ratso Rizzo.....? 
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Anonymous said...

Your such an idiot Randy. Get your facts straight.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second. You, Mario and Nestor wanted the council to keep Pedro Carrillo right? You must be kidding! or is the new iCAO not news worthy for your stupid blog? Wait the Mayor wanted to wave the old' iron fist, and no one can stop him right? Wrong he found someone the is way beyond qualified then your pal Carrillo in a few days. Stay in your city my dear friend.