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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dr. Gregory Meyer and Richard Fox from Whittier Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital killed after being swept away in a Yosemite river near Hetch Hetchy Reservoir

Kern River leaving its canyonImage via WikipediaBy Randy Economy
Thursday, June 30, 2011
11:18 p.m.

Whittier, CA
Our local community here in Whittier is in shock tonight after it was learned that two popular members of the famed Whittier Presbyterian Inter community Hospital have been confirmed to have died after falling into a wild river in the historic Yosemite Valley.

The local men killed have been ided as Dr. Gregory Meyer, an emergency room medical specialist and his friend Richard Fox, who is a physician's assistant in the emergency department.  According to the hospital's website, Meyer was a graduate of the University of California, Irvine, and completed his Internship at LA Co.-Harbor-UCLA Med. Center.

They apparently were on a backpacking trip in the rugged area and ran into trouble on Wednesday. They were swept over a bridge and into the Hetch Hetchy Reservoir.

These two deaths are being felt all over Whittier tonight. These two men are not the only local men to have been killed in tragic river incidents during the past three weeks.
Yosemite Valley, California - USA.Image via Wikipedia
Earlier this month, the body of Minh Nguyen, a 24 year old Westminster native who went missing nearly for two weeks was killed in a river accident at the Kern River along with Norwalk resident Scott Neacato, 22, who was with Nguyen when they were both swept into the wild rapids. Neacato's body has still not been found as of this post. (See other information on Scott and Mihn here on my blog).

Both Meyer and Fox are in their 50's according to media reports. It is also being reported that they were with a group of friends who also work at WPIH including Meyer's wife.

My heart breaks for these two men, and for Minh and Scott and all the families touch in these two horrific tragedies. Share your thoughts below this post. Should these rivers been made "off limits" for the remainder of this season due to the past record snow fall?  RIP. More details later. Keep EVERYONE in your PRAYERS who have been touched by these passings.
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Mark Halperin calls Obama a "Dic#" on MSNBC, gets an "Adult Time Out" by NBC execs, and wins my "Political Pirate of the Week Award!" UPDATE: HALPERIN ISSUES APPOLOGY

President Barack Obama, runs away from the fam...Image via Wikipedia

4:21 p.m.

Mark Halperin has issued an official "i am sorry" for my words statement on air.  BTW.  I am STILL INTERESTED in taking over his gig, just sayin....

By Randy Economy
June 30, 2011
3:39 p.m. PST

New York, NY

 Mark Halperin, political commentator for MSNBC's Morning Joe Show has won my "Political Pirate of the Week Award" for calling President Barack Obama, are you ready, a "DI*K" on the air this morning.  WTH?  Is this guy nuts, or is their some truth to the statement? No word from the White House on the "d-word" flap.  My coveted "Political Pirate" Award to Mr. Halperin will be sent to him COD.  Get ready, pal!  BTW, old' Mark is having an "Adult Time Out."  Yep.  Them new bosses at NBC don't like it when you call the Commander in Chief a "dick."   Paging Keith Olberman, and that dude Rick Sanchez who use to be on CNN.  Nice going, idiot.  Hey, since it looks like Halperin's career is over at NBC, I would be MORE THAN HAPPY to TAKE over HIS GIG?  Hit my comment section below if you are a "news reporter" and SOUND OFF!

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Michael Mariscal: Teen Charged In Double Homicide at a Venice park. Victims were Sal Diaz, 18 and Allan Mateo, 19 who were waiting to play basketball in a park.

Police Interceptor of the Los Angeles Police D...Image via Wikipedia
LOS ANGELES -- A 19-year-old reputed gang member was charged today with capital murder after he allegedly opened fire on a group of teens waiting to play basketball at a Venice-area park, killing two and wounding a third.

Michael Anthony Mariscal, (dob 2-2-92), is scheduled to be arraigned after 1:30 p.m. at Airport Superior Court, Department 144, said Deputy District Attorney Alva Lin with the Hardcore Gang Division. He was charged in case SA078033 with two counts of capital murder with the special circumstances of multiple murder and to benefit a gang.

In addition, he was charged with three counts of attempted premeditated murder, one count of street terrorism and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon.

Lin said the two victims, Salvador Diaz, 18, and Allan Mateo, 19, were sitting in bleachers in Penmar Park with a group of friends waiting to play basketball on June 22 when Mariscal allegedly walked up and made gang references.

Mariscal allegedly opened fire on the group of five teens, killing Diaz and Mateo and wounding a 17-year-old male in the leg. Two other teens managed to escape without injuries. The shooting occurred about 4 p.m. at the park located in the 1300 block of Lake Street.

The Culver City resident fled the scene but was arrested Tuesday following an investigation by the Los Angeles Police Department. He is being held without bail.

The special circumstances murder charges make this a potential death penalty case. Prosecutors will decide later whether to seek the death penalty.
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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Yupeng Deng: Phony "Supreme Commander" heading to PRISON after claiming to head up "US Army/Military Special Forces Reserve." Uncle Sam gotcha, dude!

Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS),...Image via Wikipedia
I am calling this crime...and guilty plea here in Los Angeles County today as "Uncle Sam GOT YOU!" From the Los Angeles County District Attorney Media Division.

POMONA – The self-appointed “Supreme Commander” of a phony Army unit who outfitted more than 200 recruits with uniforms and provided them bogus documents for a fee pleaded guilty today and was sentenced to prison, the District Attorney’s office announced.

Yupeng Deng, a 51-year-old Chinese national from El Monte, pleaded guilty to three felony counts -- theft by false pretenses, manufacturing deceptive government documents and counterfeit of an official government seal, said Deputy District Attorney Lalit Kundani.

WASHINGTON - JANUARY 20:  In this handout phot...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeIn a separate case, Deng also pleaded guilty to one count of possession of child pornography stemming from a search warrant executed at his home.

Deng, who also goes by David Deng, was immediately sentenced by Judge Jack Hunt to three years in state prison and ordered to pay restitution. The amount will be determined later, although Kundani said estimates are around $200,000. In exchange for his plea, the remaining 10 counts were dismissed, Kundani said.

Special Agents with the FBI and the Defense Criminal Investigative Service jointly investigated the case and presented it to the D.A.’s office. Several agencies assisted during the investigation, including the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, United States Customs and Immigration Service, Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the United States Army.

Deng created a fake unit he called the U.S. Army/Military Special Forces Reserve unit ("MSFR") in October 2008. He recruited more than 200 Chinese nationals around the country and charged them initiation fees ranging from $300 to $450 with renewal fees set at $120 each year. Recruits could increase their rank in the "MSFR" by making cash donations to the defendant, prosecutors said.

Recruits, who received fraudulent military ID cards in addition to Army uniforms, were told that belonging to the bogus unit was a path to U.S. citizenship.

Deng decorated his Temple City office to look like an official U.S. military recruiting center. He used the office to conduct military training and indoctrination, authorities said. He also had MSFR offices in Oakland and Atlanta, Ga.

“Yupeng Deng made a hobby of lying about himself,” Kundani said. “He called himself the "Supreme Commander" when, in reality, he was the "Supreme Con Artist. He wanted to wear the king's robe, ride on the king's horse and wear the king's crown but he didn't have the courage to walk a day in the king's shoes. It was easy for him to put on his uniform to get an airline discount, but he certainly wasn't willing to put on a uniform to jump out of fighter plane. This was his idea of patriotism.”

Steven Martinez, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI’s Los Angeles Field Office said, “FBI and DCIS agents who investigated the immigrant fraud scheme, as well as the child pornography found in Deng’s residence should be commended for the collaborative effort that led to the successful prosecution by the District Attorney’s Office.

“In addition to his crime against children, Mr. Deng dishonored the brave men and women of the United States military and defrauded a vulnerable immigrant population, many of whom legitimately hoped and believed they were on a path to American citizenship,” Martinez said.

Chris Hendrickson, Special Agent in Charge of the Defense Criminal Investigative Service, Western Field Office, said, "Deng's greed and corrupt practices victimized innocent immigrants and compromised our national security.

"The Defense Criminal Investigative Service places a special focus on protecting our Warfighters both in theater and at home. Deng compromised the safety of our men and women serving in the U.S. military by creating and selling bogus military identification cards, which falsely represented the bearers as members of the U.S. Armed Services. Deng also exploited for profit and power well intentioned immigrants who were conned by Deng into believing they were members of the U.S. Armed Forces and that their service would lead to U.S. citizenship. Finally, Deng's possession of child pornography is reprehensible. This investigation should serve as a warning for those intent on defrauding the U.S. military and harming innocent victims that the DCIS and our law enforcement partners will pursue these crimes relentlessly."
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Richard Rudy Aragon: Father, Son Charged in Pit Bull Attack on Man in Whittier. WTH?

An American Pit Bull Terrier.Image via WikipediaLooks like the Aragon's could be in the running for the Father-Son Criminal of the Week Award for this "possible" idiotic crime. Using a pit bull as a deadly weapon is just plain WRONG. Go gettem, Mr. and Mrs. District Attorney....

From the Los Angeles County District Attorney....

WHITTIER -- A Whittier father and son who allegedly attacked a man including unleashing the family pit bull on the victim were charged today in separate cases, the District Attorney’s office announced.

Richard Rudy Aragon, 51 (dob 11-6-59), is scheduled to be arraigned sometime today at Whittier Superior Court. Aragon is being held on $130,000 bail. He was charged in case VA120440 with one count of mayhem and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, a pit bull, likely to cause great bodily injury. If convicted, Aragon faces up to 12 years in state prison.

On Saturday around 9 a.m., Aragon’s 17-year-old son allegedly confronted a 43-year-old man and demanded his wallet. The man refused and the pair began fighting in front of Crestwood Apartments in the 8900 block of Painter Avenue, near Lambert Road, Whittier Police Department said.

Aragon allegedly came to the boy's assistance and released the pit bull, who bit both ear tips off the victim. The suspects also allegedly punched and kicked the victim while the dog attacked, police said. Aragon and his son, whose name is not being released because he is a juvenile, were later arrested.

The juvenile, (dob 3-8-94), also was charged today with two counts of assault with a deadly weapon, a foot, with force likely to inflict great bodily injury, one count of attempted robbery and one count of witness intimidation. He is scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday at Los Padrinos Juvenile Court in case VJ40303.

Prosecutors are seeking to have the juvenile tried as an adul
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Los Alamos National Laboratory logoImage via WikipediaBy Randy Economy

Los Alamos, NM

The out of control Las Conchas fire has reached the famed Los Alamos National Laboratory and according to information released to the media the fire has been contained the "spot fire." Los Alamos is still closed due to the fire that has that is still out of control as of Midnight, Tuesday.  Here is the "official" statement from LANL.

Lab Director Briefs New Mexico Governor, Congressional Delegation, Pueblo Representatives
Los Alamos, New Mexico, June 27, 2011, 10:00pm—Los Alamos National Laboratory and National Nuclear Security Administration officials today briefed the New Mexico congressional delegation, New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez, and representatives from neighboring Pueblos on the status of the Las Conchas wildfire and its potential impacts on Lab property. LANL Director McMillan thanked emergency crews who quickly extinguished a spot fire this afternoon in the Lab’s remote southwestern area. “Our efforts in recent years to thin ground fuels around the Laboratory, coupled with the reduction in fuels caused by historic fires in the area, are helping protect the Laboratory and townsite,” LANL Director Charles McMillan said in an afternoon conference call. “The Lab community is incredibly thankful for the regional, state, and federal resources coming to our aid.” The Governor said, after visiting Espanola’s Santa Claran Event Center, where some evacuees are sheltering, “I was amazed by their attitude; the spirit of the people there. They were so grateful.” She added that evacuees also appreciated how organized the evacuation had been. At the Lab’s Technical Area 49, the fire jumped across New Mexico State Route 4, but landed in an area that had been thinned of ground fuels in recent years. NNSA Site Office Manager Kevin Smith said, “Lessons learned from the Cerro Grande fire are being applied today,” and reiterated that Department of Energy senior leaders had pledged highest-level support and cooperation. Additionally, the Laboratory has called in teams to monitor its network of 60-plus AIRNET monitoring stations and has high-volume air samplers ready to deploy. “We’re doing this as a precaution,” McMillan said. “The health and safety of this community and our neighbors is our highest priority.” No Lab facilities face immediate threat and all radioactive and hazardous materials are accounted for and protected.
Firefighters Control Spot Fire on Lab Property
6/27/2011 17:07 - Fire crews have contained a spot fire that started in a remote area of Los Alamos National Laboratory. Emergency officials say the Las Conchas fire, which had burned to the southern edge of New Mexico State Route 4 at the Lab’s southwest boundary, crossed the road to the north early this afternoon. Air crews dumped water at the site within the Lab’s Technical Area 49 and brought the blaze under control. The area had been thinned of ground fuels in recent years. About one acre burned and the Lab has detected no off-site releases of contamination. No other fires are currently burning on Lab property, no facilities face immediate threat, and all nuclear and hazardous materials are accounted for and protected. Environmental sites are being monitored and air quality experts are coordinating with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The Las Conchas fire has burned an estimated 49,000 acres in forests, canyons, and mesas south and west of the Lab. The Lab will remain closed on Tuesday, June 28, and is supporting Los Alamos County as it conducts a staged, mandatory evacuation of the town site. Los Alamos County residents should tune to 1610-AM for updated information. A Joint Information Center has been established at the Regional Development Corporation, 2209 Miguel Chavez Rd. in Santa Fe. Media should call 505-820-1226 for updates and monitor www.nmfireinfo.com for official fire updates.
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Monday, June 27, 2011

LUIS MIGUEL NORIEGA convicted of murder In Fatal Traffic Collision that took the life of youth counselor Walter Williams. Faces life in prison!

This map shows the incorporated areas in Los A...Image via WikipediaFrom the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Media Division!

POMONA – A Pomona jury has convicted a 29-year-old man of stealing a sport-utility vehicle then leading police on a high-speed chase that ended in a fatal collision last June.

Deputy District Attorney T.D. Pham of the Pomona Branch Office said the jury on Friday found Luis Miguel Noriega guilty of all charges, including second-degree murder, evading an officer causing death, leaving the scene of an accident, unlawful driving or taking of a vehicle and receiving stolen property.

Noriega was driving a stolen sport-utility vehicle when he ran a red light and collided with a sedan driven by Walter Williams, 37. The June 18, 2010 accident at the intersection of Ramona Boulevard and Francisquito Avenue in Baldwin Park killed Williams, a counselor at a Baldwin Park youth facility.  Noriega returns to Pomona Superior Court on Aug. 18 for sentencing before Judge Tia Fisher. He faces 23 years to life in prison.
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JUSTICE FOR COURAGE THE GERMAN SHEPARD! Bellflower Woman Pleads Guilty to Felony Animal Cruelty

A photograph of a German Shepherd DogImage via WikipediaI have been following this crime since the day it took place.

Tonight there is JUSTICE FOR "Courage," the German Shepard who was left chained to a pole by the owner for days on end, without food or water.

Justice has FINALLY been served in the animal cruelty case here in Bellflower.  Courage is doing great now.  As a matter of fact, our hoods' 'wonderdawg' recently  made a "personal" appearance here at the Grand Opening of the new Lucky Dog Cafe here at the Los Cerritos Shopping Center.  

Woof woof!
RrE . . . 
NORWALK – A 27-year-old woman pleaded no contest today to nearly starving her dog to death last year, the District Attorney’s Office.
Kimberly Kimiko Nizato entered her plea to one felony count of animal cruelty before Judge Margaret Bernal at Norwalk Superior Court. Nizato pleaded open to the court, meaning there was no offer by the District Attorney’s office, prosecutors said. 
Nizato was charged after a severely emaciated adult German Shepard she owned was rescued from her home on April 6, 2010. The veterinarian who examined the dog determined there was no evidence of food in his system, but hair, dirt and rocks were found in the stomach, authorities said.  Nizato worked in the veterinary field at the time of the offense. The dog, who was later adopted and renamed Courage, now weighs more than 80 pounds and is in good health, according to authorities.  The defendant faces up to three years in state prison when she returns to court on July 28 for sentencing by Judge Robert Higa.
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Ventura BlvdImage by S.C. Asher via Flickr

By Randy Economy
June 27, 2011
1:31 p.m.

Lost Angeles, CA

LOS ANGELES, CA - NOVEMBER 25:  An American Ai...Image by Getty Images via @daylifeGet ready for Carmegeddon here in the Land of Los Angeles.  Yep, the much hyped closure of the fame 405 Freeway through the Sepulveda Pass that connect West LA to the San Fernando Valley is on "countdown."

I have installed my very own "Countdown to Carmageddon Clock" here on my blog. 

I live in Cerritos.  I have ONLY had to deal with the PARKING LOT known as the 5 Freeway from the 605 to the 91 for my entire life.  I feel for my peeps over on the Westside and in the Valley.

I will be at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts that weekend.

Sorry, suckers. Enjoy the misery. 

GO METRO!  lol.

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BREAKING NEWS: Las Conchas wildfire shuts down Los Alamos National Laboratory! 3500 acres burned. Warning issued


By Randy Economy
Monday, June 27, 2011
12:01 a.m.

INCREDIBLE Time-lapse movie of the Las Conchas Fire, Los Alamos County, June 26 2011. Time-lapse exposures are from a vantage point just north of Santa Fe, home of Polly White & Michael Zeiler. Los Alamos city and labs can be seen to the right of the fire. Via You Tube!
Smoke from the Dome Fire dominated this view f...Image via Wikipedia
New Mexico, USA

The famed painted desert of New Mexico is a sea of smoke today as a possibly dangerous and fast moving wild fire has broken out forcing the closing of the fames Los Alamos National Labratory.
Map of New Mexico highlighting Los Alamos CountyImage via Wikipedia
Located of area on fire in red.

In an official statement just issued by the famed nuclear power plant, Los Alamos National Laboratory will be closed all day Monday, June 27, 2011 "due to a nearby wildfire."

"All laboratory facilities will be closed for all activities and nonessential employees are directed to remain off site. Employees are considered nonessential and should not report to work unless specifically directed by their line managers. Employees should check local news sources, the LANL Update Hotline 505-667-6622 and the LANL web page www.lanl.gov for updates. All radioactive and hazardous material is appropriately accounted for and protected. LANL staff is coordinating the on-site response and supporting the county and federal fire response. The Laboratory’s Emergency Operations Center has been activated."

The fire has already destroyed more than 3,500 acres, and it is out of control and growing hour by hour.  Los Alamos County officials are asking residents in Los Alamos and White Rock, especially those with health conditions, to consider a voluntary evacuation.

Known as the "Las Conchas" wildfire, the blaze is "actively burning" near Frijoles Canyon approximately 12 miles away from residential areas. Smoke is filling the normally stunning colorful skies with a thick black smoke.

The blaze is expected to settle into the White Rock and nearby valley area in Monday morning.

According to a written statement issued to the media late Sunday evening:

Los Alamos National Laboratory logoImage via Wikipedia"Los Alamos County officials are closely monitoring the situation on a minute-to-minute basis. Anyone voluntarily leaving Los Alamos or White Rock from northern Los Alamos should proceed southbound on Diamond Drive either to Trinity Drive or East Jemez Road (White Rock Truck Route). If residents decide to voluntarily evacuate, they should take necessary steps now to remove essential belongings, in case they cannot return to their homes in the near future. In particular, residents are urged to take necessary medications and pets with them.

Here is the latest official data on the blaze:
Los Alamos, NM, April 5, 2000 --- Smoldering t...Image via Wikipedia
The last major blaze in Los Alamos was on April 5, 2000.

Fire Name:  Las Conchas        
Time/Date Started: Sunday, June 26
Location: Jemez Ranger District, Santa Fe National Forest; approximately 12 miles southwest of Los Alamos off NM 4 at mile marker 35.
Legal Description:  T18N, R4E, SEC 4
Cause:  Unknown, under investigation
Fuels:  Mixed Conifer, Ponderosa Pine
Size:  100 acres +.  The fire is actively burning. Running, crowning and spotting up to a half a mile of the head of the fire has been observed.
% Contained: 0
Resources Committed: Multiple ground and air resources are en route and on scene. Type 1 Incident Management Team has been ordered.
 Today’s Weather: Red flag conditions (hot temperatures, low humidity, high winds) are present.
Structures/threats:  Structures and powerlines.  Power and phone lines are down in the area.
Evacuations: Residents living within Cochiti Mesan and Las Conchas are being evacuated at this time.  Evacuees are being housed at the La Cueva Fire Station.
Road Closures: NM 4 is closed at Jemez Falls Campground and at NM 510.
Summary: Active fire behavior has been observed with running and spotting on both sides of NM 4.
Smoke: A smoke plume emitting black and grey smoke is visible from Jemez, Bernalillo, Santa Fe, NM 4 and I-25.  For more information on how to protect yourself from smoke visit: www.nmfireinfo.com und
er the Smoke Management tab.
LATEST PIC: 12:55 a.m. from LOS ALAMOS

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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Anna Graceman: 11 year old BLOWS the ROOF off ATLANTA audtion of AMERICA'S GOT TALENT! Move over Alicia Keys!

Logo of America's Got Talent used during Seaso...Image via WikipediaBy Randy Economy
June 26, 2011
9:03 p.m.

America's Got TalentImage via WikipediaAtlanta, Georgia
America, meet the greatest newest talent to hit NBC. I just watched America's Got Talent and witnessed an amazing 11 year old girl named Anna Gracemen sing her hear out with an incredible rendition of Alicia Keys "If I Ain't Got You."  Compare the two for yourself.  Yep. Anna Gracemen from ice cold Alaska could soon become the hottest NEW talent in Hollywood!  Keep you eye on this singing artist in the making! 

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CLINT BLACK: My hat is off to the country music icon who is getting ready rock 183rd Street here in Cerritos on Sunday, July 17!

Drinkin' Songs and Other LogicImage via Wikipedia

By Randy Economy
For the Los Cerritos Community News

Sunday, June 26, 2011
7:49 p.m.

Cerritos, CA

I cannot WAIT for SUNDAY, JULY 17.

Opening weekend for the new 2011-12 season for the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts.

Breakin' out my cowboy boots, and Levis and will be dancing and sliding down 183rd Street to see the legendary CLINT BLACK LIVE!!

I feel like the luckiest reporter in Los Angeles to be able to cover Clint's concert here for the Los Cerritos Community News Group.

Kinda nervous, (yep, I do get a tad star struck once in a while)  but thrilled beyond words.  This is going to be an honor for me, and I am already making special plans for this special night. Going to keep all my readers posted about all the "cool inside" and "behind the scenes" details....

Greatest Hits II (Clint Black album)Image via WikipediaThe Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts is one of the most amazing places on "Planet Earth" to watch a concert. I have been "blessed" to have attended literally hundreds of live performances and events at the CCPA since it first opened their amazing bronze doors to the world a few decades ago.

Also going to post some of my all time favorite "Clint Black" songs here on the blog for the next three weeks.

Do you have a question for Clint? Please drop me a note to randy@cerritosnews.net .  More to follow!
Above: The Galaxy Song.

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By Randy Economy
Sunday, June 26, 2011
5:24 p.m.  PST

Hollywood, CA

Current logo created by Chermayeff & Geismar u...Image via WikipediaAmerica is about to have a "New Voice," and I couldn't be more thrilled.  I have been LOVING "The VOICE" on NBC this entire season, and now we are down to FOUR FINALISTS.  I have a poll on my blog.  I want to hear from you!  Who will be "The Voice" for 2011?

Vote for Beverly McClellan, Vicci Martinez, Javier Colon or Dia Frampton here on my blog!!

I have my favorite.  Not going to try to "sway your vote."  Pass this along to all your "peeps" and remember to TUNE into NBC to watch the FINALE of THE VOICE on TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY!
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Body of Minh Nguyen found along Kern River, according to friends. Search for Norwalk native Scott Neacato continues.

Drowning Victim Mihn Nguyen.
By Randy Economy
June 25, 2011
11:15 p.m. PST

Kern River, CA

The body of Minh Nguyen, the 24 year old Westminister native who went missing nearly two weeks ago after a horrific rafting incident on the Kern River has been located, according to friends of the victim.

Nguyen went missing after he and Scott Neacato and others were visiting the popular river location with friends during a weekend celebration on June 13.  The two were swept away in dangerous and aggressive rapids.  
Seen: Raft that carried both Neacato and Nguyen seen after accident.  Tulare County Sheriff Photo
Local search and rescue teams were searching for another man who went missing on Friday (who's name has not been released) when helicopters searching the rugged wooded area spotted the body of Nguyen, and around 40 feet away, a second body was found. That body turned out to be of the missing man, and not Neacato.  "Randy, I just got off the phone with Minh's girlfriend who was up there today and s
he told me that they had a helicopter out searching for another man who went missing yesterday. That's when a helicopter saw something in the water and the Sheriffs came out to search and found Minh's body stuck under a tree in the water and 40ft near him was another body who turned out to be the man that went missing yesterday," said Varun Shahi, a lifelong friend of Neacato's.
The popular camping site is located about 10 miles north of Kernville, in Tulare County, it is a very popular location for college and university students to visit during spring and summer breaks.

A local volunteer group called the "J.I. Joe Group" was in the area assisting in the search efforts. 

Here is the original statement from the Tulare County Sheriff's Department regarding the situation:
Near ocation where pair went missing
Neacato , Scott age 22 of Los Angeles CA
Last seen wearing: Brown T-shirt/Red Shorts
Nguyen , Minh Tu Quang age 25 of Westminster CA
Last seen wearing: Light Green Polo Shirt / Brown Shorts
Both missing persons were on a camping trip with approximately 11 friends in the area of Ant Canyon, an unimproved campsite on the Kern River in Tulare County. On 06/13/2011 at approximately 1840 hours a 911 call was placed at a business in River Kern, Kern County. The group had tied a line across the river and then tied a small, two-man raft to the line. Both Neacato and Nguyen were in the raft which was in the middle of the river, approximately fifty (50) yards from the north shore. It appears the raft was pulled into a boil (turbulence) and subsequently was partially submerged and capsized due to the extreme current. Both subjects were swept down-river, river-center. Friends and family advised Neacato did not know how to swim. Neither subject was wearing a life jacket or exposure protection. The area where both subjects went in the water is approximately 200 yards above multiple class four and class five rapids. The Kern River flow is estimated to be running at approximately 4,800 CFS (Cubic Feet per Second.) Due to this year's above average snowpack and current high air temperatures, the flow is expected to peak at 6,000 CFS within the next few days. The water temperature is estimated to be approximately 42-45 degrees.  Deputies and US Forest Service personnel arrived on scene within approximately twenty (20) minutes of the call and began a hasty search of the area with negative results for either subject. The first operational period was postponed at 2400 hours on 06/14/2011 due to darkness. The search and rescue (SAR) was initiated to begin the second operational period at 0800 hours on 06/14/2011. TCSO SAR and Swiftwater/Dive personnel began bank searches of the area at 0500 hours. TCSO Divers were inserted above the point last seen (PLS) in an effort to bank search the far south west side of the river. TCSO SAR personnel performed a copious search of both river banks approximately two (2) miles down from the PLS. CHP Helicopter arrived in the area at approximately 1100 hours  and began air operations within the search area which included the Whiskey Flat trail which runs the south west side of the river in its entirety to Kernville. Due to terrain difficulties and the dangerous conditions of the river's flow, divers were unable to continue the bank search on the far side of the river as the south west river bank cliffs-out. Divers were unable to probe any pools, hydraulics or obvious eddies which may have held a body. It was not possible to safely or effectively construct technical highlines to aid in the search. As of 1800 hours on 06/14/2011, there was no sign of either subject. The search was scaled back with active SAR Operations ending and will continue by personnel from TCSO, USFS, CHP and KCSO until both subjects are located.

The Tulare County Sheriff's Office wants to encourage media to please continue to put out water safety information.  http://www.tularesheriff.info/watersafety.html . Photos  http://www.tularesheriff.info/news_sar_061511.html Two videos On Tulare County Sheriff's YouTube Channel under case # 11-7865  http://www.youtube.com/user/TulareCountySheriff
Tulare County's location in CaliforniaImage via Wikipedia
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