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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Alex Da Silva: "So You Think You Can Dance" choreographer convicted of rape sentenced to 10 years in prison

English: 2005 photo of Alex Da Silva for biogr...
Alex Da Silva....BAD DANCER!
"Da Silva could have easily charmed the pants off of any woman with his sultry, sexy and smooth moves, why he had to resolve to raping them I will never. I guess inorder to begin to comprehend something like that one would have to get into the mind of a sociopathic rapist."
---Post from You Tube

LOS ANGELES – A salsa dance instructor who worked as a choreographer on the FOX television show “So You Think You Can Dance” was sentenced today to 10 years in state prison for raping one female victim and assaulting another with intent to rape. Judge Kathleen Kennedy, who denied a defense motion for a new trial, ordered Alex Da Silva, 43, to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life. Deput
y District Attorney Martha Carrillo with the Sex Crimes Division prosecuted the case. Judge Kennedy said it was clear Da Silva “does not respect women” and “believes he is entitled to do whatever he wants when he wants.” A jury in September convicted Da Silva of raping a 22-year-old woman in August 2002 and assaulting a 25-year-old woman in March 2009 with intent to commit rape. The victims were either dancers or aspiring dancers who met him through his dance instruction classes. The jury was hung on four counts involving two additional female victims and Judge Kennedy today dismissed those charges.
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Anonymous said...

omg that is crazy so talented and charismatic... and this is what it's all for... sad! the boy certainly can dance. me always thought he was queer, well, just goes to show stereotyping is less accurate all the time... unreal.

Anonymous said...

Both the women who were allegedly "raped" by Alex, first tried to shake him down for large sums of money as "loans," one demanded 5000 dollars and the other demanded 20,000 dollars. The "rape" charges only materialized AFTER Alex refused to be shaken down. Also one of the so-called rape victims and the other "attempted rape" victim both just happened to come from the same tiny town in Hawaii, they claimed they did not know each other although this was a tiny town and both of them just happened to end up in Los Angeles taking salsa lessons from Alex da Silva and what do you know, getting sexually involved with Alex and trying to shake him down for money. Does this sound like conspiracy, collusion, perjured evidence? It definitely is. Yet most or all of this testimony about these women extortionists was not allowed as testimony or stricken from the record and the judge showed incredible, and most likely ILLEGAL bias, in denying the defense motion for a new trial. The prosecutors, the detectives, and apparently the judge had started this "rape" ball rolling and were afraid to stop because it would show how foolish, stupid, and incompetent they are, not to get to the bottom of the perjured testimony by Alex's so called "victims." This reminds me of the Los Angeles DA and police going after the McMartin Pre School center with their utterly false accusations of child molestation and it turned out later the DA and the detectives led witnesses, lied on the stand, and engaged in every sort of deception. I would not be surprised if the same things happened in the case of Alex da Silva. Justice demands a new trial!!!