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Friday, January 27, 2012

(Update at 6 p.m.) BREAKING NEWS: US Marshall's shot at while serving search warrant in Uptown Whittier. House now surrounded by law enforcement

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Update: 6:07 p.m.:  SWAT has surrounded the location where the alleged suspect is being held.  NBCLA is reporting that tear gas cans have been released.  Still no word on the name of the suspect.  No members of law enforcement have been injured.  Street closures still continue in the immediate area.  If you are by Washington and Broadway, share your thoughts with my BLOG readers at the end of this post.


UPDATE: 4:00 p.m.: Map of area where US Marshall's are located right now in Whittier.

Suspect fires at US Marshals during an attempted arrest of wanted subject

January 27, 2012
Whittier, CA--On Friday, January 27th at approximately 12:37pm U.S. Marshals were shot at during the surveillance and attempted arrest of a male, parolee wanted for a carjacking warrant.  The incident took place in the 6000 block of Washington Ave in Uptown Whittier.  Whittier Officers were assisting the Marshal's Office on a surveillance of the suspect when the suspect exited the building and shot at the Marshals, who were in the rear area of the property.  The suspect immediately barricaded himself in another building on the property.  Law Enforcement personnel on scene did not return fire and no one was injured at this time.

Several other occupants of the property ran from the residence and it is unknown their relationship with the suspect.

The Los Angeles County Special Enforcement Bureau was called to the scene to handle the incident.  At this time we have no further information as the situation is still developing.  Whittier Police are working in conjunction with the Marshal's office and the LA County Sheriff's Departmen

By Randy Economy
I just got a call from Norwalk community leader Mark Hyland into Los Cerritos Community News who said that he was in the immediate area of Washington Avenue and Beverly Boulevard in Whittier and saw that the entire area was shut down by several members of the US Marshall's Office and that helicopters had landed at a  local school campus.
Another local newsgroup is reporting that U.S. Marshals were shot at during the surveillance and attempted arrest of a male parolee wanted for carjacking in Whittier.
Hyland, who is a Norwalk community leader, said that the "place was swarming with Marshall's."
No word if anyone was hit by gun fire.
Keep u posted....thanks Mark for the tip....

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Uptown Whittier Girl said...

Thanks, Randy. I was stuck in TRAFFIC...and this place is CRAWLING with COPS....

Anonymous said...


Roseco's Long Beach said...

Thanks for the information. Just "Googled" "Whittier incident 1-27-12" and your blog popped up.....

MarLiz said...

I thought they were making another MODERN WARFARE video game, I was getting ready to order it on GameStop

Anonymous said...

Traffic is NUTSO in this area. I got stuck in the middle of it this afternoon. Did they catch the person?

Anonymous said...

Ugh can they just storm the place and get it over with. I live on Beverly and it it's so noisy. Just shoot the dumb ass and move on. Not so hard for the cops, just need to pretend he's not doing anything wrong and the can night stick or shoot away guilt free