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Friday, February 03, 2012

Judge Issues Stay Away Orders to Violent Oakland Protesters

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Had this sent to me tonight from one of my Blog readers in Oakland. Looks like most of those arrested in last weeks riot at Occupy Oakland are in some serious "shit."   This just issued from Oakland law enforcement officials.
Oakland, CA - On Saturday, January 28th, a crowd of approximately 500 Occupy Oakland protesters unsuccessfully attempted to break into the historic Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center. This action was taken in spite of the City of Oakland’s repeated advisements that peaceful assemblies, protests, and marches would be facilitated, but that the illegal breaking and entering into buildings or other criminal acts will not be tolerated. A total of 408 arrests were made on Saturday, January 28th, and the investigation is ongoing. 
On February 2, 2012, Occupy Oakland protesters were arraigned at the Alameda County Court house on criminal charges. Alameda County District Attorney Nancy E. O’Malley stated, “Twelve individuals have been charged with criminal offenses and the judge has issued stay away orders.” 
The criminal charges against 12 individuals stem from the arrests made during the Occupy Oakland protest on Saturday, January 28, 2012. Of the 12 charged, eight protesters were charged with misdemeanor offenses, and four were charged with violent felony offenses. The Oakland Police Department will continue to work with the District Attorneys office on the filing of criminal charges. 
Protesters have publicly announced their intent to continue weekly marches in an effort to drain the City of Oakland of its financial resources. They have posted to their website a call to non-peaceful participants to take part in militant actions. They go on to say that these marches are not intended for people who are not fully comfortable with a diversity of tactics, and discourage the participation of anyone who is against action, assaults, or arrests. 
Chief Howard Jordan said, “This type of destructive and aggressive behavior is not welcome in our City. Anyone who engages in criminal activity or assaults against officers or community members will be arrested.” 
While the City of Oakland and the Oakland Police Department welcome peaceful forms of expression and support the right to free speech, acts of violence, property destruction, and vandalism will not be tolerated. 
The first 11 protesters who have been charged by the District Attorneys office on criminal charges and served with stay away orders by the judge: 
THEY ARE:                    

  • Adam WEATHERS, Charges: 11350 HS, 422 PC, 409 PC, 148 PC (Felony
  • Joseph BRIONES,  Charges: 243 (b) PC, 409 PC  
  • Chloe Heather WATLINGTON, Charges: 594(a) PCx2, 148 PC WARWICK, Joanne Charges: 647C PC, 148 PC 
  • Robert OVETZ, Charge: 148 PC 
  • Geoffrey WEISS, Charges: 148(a) PC, 647(c) PC, 409PC 
  • Michael LUBIN, Charges: 245(c) X2  (Felony) HOOVER, Joseph Charges: 148(a) (1) PC, 647 (c) PC 
  • Jason OZOLINS, Charges: 148(A) (1) PC, 185 PC, Probation Violation 
  • Ahimsa WINTHUNDER, Charges: 245(c) PC x8, 185 PC (Felony) 
  • Mario CASILLAS, Charges: 245(c) PC (Felony)
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