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Friday, February 10, 2012

UPDATE: Robert Dewey Hoskins found and returned to Norwalk's Metro State Hospital

6:47 p.m. UPDATE:  Madonna Stalker Robert Dewey Hoskins found in Long Beach on South Street. Returned to Metro State Hospital in Norwalk.
Stalker Hoskins and Madonna

Randy Economy
• Fri, Feb 10, 2012
Working on this breaking news this morning out of Norwalk.  Amazing to learn that notorious celebrity stalker Robert Dewey Hoskins just "walked away" from Metro State Hospital over on Norwalk Boulevard.  How in the heck is this possible?  Have you ever tried to even GET inside METRO, let alone GET OUT of the joint?

Got the news up on our Los Cerritos Community News website this morning.  Visit LCCN at www.loscerritosnews.net.

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Anonymous said...

This does not surprise me in the least. I worked for the State of California at Metro, Napa, Camarillo and Patton over a 20 year period. The state of California does not get it. These individuals are criminally insane and the incompetence at the level of those who are there to serve and protect is questionable. The lack of taking seriously the degree of their illness is often blurred with the fact that administrators and licensing view those that are "incarcerated" to the equivalent of summer camp. The conditions are deplorably unsafe, undermanned and understaffed CONSISTENTLY. At Napa State Hospital, nursing staff are mandated additional shifts after working their own 8 hours shift on average every other day. The burnout is high, the training poor, the management do not care as long as you are a body to meet staffing ratios and questionable acuity assessments. I retired from the state in 2007 and two years ago a former employee of mine was murdered by an "patient" at Napa state hospital. These are not "patients" They are cold, calculated killers and need to be treated as such. The Psychiatric Technicians are not supported and sadly, charts are being treated, not the patients. Very dangerous conditions and I do not see improvements. Especially when the Executive Director of Napa State Hospital had ZERO forensic knowledge and had been a dietitian who achieved her MBA and was "connected" after all, it is who you know not what you know!