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Monday, March 19, 2012

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroy will WIN DANCING WITH THE STARS THIS SEASON

By Randy Economy
It is 8:28 p.m. here in Los Angeles and Donald Driver and Petra Murgatroy  has already laid their claim to the MIRROR BALL on Dancing With the Stars.  

What an dancer, performer, and just plain exciting.  Game over.  Donald Driver and Peta Mugatroy are on the way.  That 21 out of 30 was "low" in my opinion. 

Len: "I thought your attitude was good, you had attack for the dance..." "Because you were excited, you started to lose time a little bit." "Next week... Don't let me down!"
Bruno: "We got the impact, I tell you!" "You were like a rooster chasing a hen!" "You really, I think, have the talent."
Carrie Ann: "You are just nothing but charisma and charm for days!" "I don't know if there was a lot of cha-cha going on..."

Scores: 7+7+7 = 21 
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