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Monday, March 12, 2012

Hope Center In Christ: The Crystal Cathedral is getting a new name and a new Flock

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I have some thoughts about the changes going on with the Orange County "church scene" that is beginning to dominate news cycles here in Southern California.
Senior Pastor Sheila Schuller Coleman took to the alter at the beautiful Crystal Cathedral  on Sunday and had "a heavy message" to her Flock
In a video posted on the Crystal Cathedral web site, Schuller Coleman said an announcement that the church will be renamed as the Hope Center in Christ.
This location has been purchased by the Roman Catholic Church of Orange County... but it will always be know as the house that Rev. Schuller Built.
It is located in Garden Grove, the Cathedral is just plain awe inspiring in so many ways. 
Crystal Cathedral
Crystal Cathedral (Photo credit: Kwong Yee Cheng) 
The Hour of Power is has been on the air for generations.  Please take a walking tour of this Church, and see the amount of work and love that has gone into creating this landmark.  Do you remember what Garden Grove was like before the Crystal Cathedral was built?  Case closed. 
Time for "church politics" to come to a halt.  Keep the Schuller's in your Prayers.
What do you think about this ongoing matter?  Hit my comment section below.
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Anonymous said...

when does crystal cathedral church move to new location at Roman Catholic Church Garden Grove ?