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Thursday, March 08, 2012

KEVIN CADY: Norwalk Sheriff's Nab Suspected Molester After He Allegedly Drugged Victim Who Was Babysitting His Children

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
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Suspect Kevin Cady Mugshot from Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department
Randy Economy
• Thu, Mar 08, 2012
Norwalk Sheriff’s have arrested a suspect for allegedly drugging his children’s babysitter and then sexually molesting his victim.
Suspect Kevin Cady, allegedly hired a young female, the victim, through an online babysitting service to watch his minor children in his home while he was away at work.
In a statement from members of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Cady returned home from work early and offered the victim a drink he had prepared. The victim consumed the drink and immediately began to feel sleepy. She awoke sometime later to find the suspect sexually assaulting her. She fled the location and called the Sheriff’s Department.
Cady was detained, but was released pending further investigation and results of the toxicology report. On February 15, 2012, a toxicology report showed the presence of a drug which is normally used in hospitals before surgical procedures, and causes drowsiness and memory loss, was found in the victim’s system.
On February 29, 2012, an arrest and search warrant was issued for the suspect and his residence. The warrant was served and the suspect was arrested and booked at Norwalk Station. The suspect is currently in custody awaiting a preliminary hearing.
Anyone who has had a similar encounter or has information related to the suspect’s arrest is encouraged to contact Norwalk Station Detective Marquez.

--By Randy Economy
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FYI:  I was given this story on Wednesday....and frankly it made me so sick to my stomach I decided to hold off till tonight to post here on my blog.  Thanks again for the amazing professional relationship Los Cerritos Community Newspaper Group has built with members of law enforcement here in Southern California for the past decade and a half. 

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