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Sunday, March 11, 2012

NAVY SEAL WILLIAM BROWN: Gov. Christie is an IDIOT for lashing out at US NAVY SEAL at "town hall meeting." Shame on this scum bag Governor

First of all, I am NOT a Governor Chris Christie fan, and know the world is beginning to see that his GOP shinning star is a total scum bag.  Opps.  I mean dirt bag who needs to go on a diet.

The fatso New Jersey Guv called a law student he argued with on Saturday "idiot."

William Brown, a second-year Rutgers' law student, was persistent in his questioning about a planned merger between Rutgers and Rowan University. Christie supports the merger.

Did I mention that Brown is a former Navy Seal and his father is a legendary military man as well.

What a lunatic.
What do you think? Bozo or "Hero"?

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