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Thursday, April 12, 2012


Above: Coverage from the 911 Call....from KCBS and KCAL....
View more videos at: http://nbclosangeles.com.

Last night's tragic death involving Abdul Arian has become "the biggest" news story in Los Angeles today.

Last night, an untold number of television viewers watched in horror as Arian was driving aimlessly and was fatally shot by police following a high speed pursuit. Now, it is begin reported that a 911 operator said that Arian "was armed and threatened to hurt officers." Here is live coverage from NBC LA of the tragic event. Stay tuned 19-year-old Abdul Arian was shot and killed when he got out of his car on the 101 Freeway and ran from police officers.
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Anonymous said...

The guy was nuts, out of touch with reality. Cops shot him because he acted like he had a gun and threatened cops, who have had too many of their brothers killed in the line of duty.

His death saves taxpayers millions in legal fees, and in institutionalizing the jerk for much of the rest of his life had he lived.

Anonymous said...

In today’s enhanced technology, why does the plice force use firearms as a first option? I though it was the last resort. Also, why shoot him 90 times? Instead one shot on the foot was enough to apprehend him. I understand he was pointing an object at the police officers. were any bullets coming out of that object? Did the police hear shot guns? Why not use a different method in these situations. Pulling gun and treat everyone as killers and murders regardless of age is inhumane. I know, police officers are here to protect us but every situation should be handled differently. To avoid killing of innocent people Police officers need more training with different defense mechanism. Such as use of taser, syringe gun, PAVA or CS spray or extendable ASP Baton. What if, instead of 19 year old man we had a 16 or 14 year old kid. The police would still acted in the same manner. Be logic, our officers are not fully trained. The quick decision to kill that young man raises a very sensitive issue. Watch the video and judge for your self. See the shattered windows on the building located behind the freeway. Are you kidding me! What if, some one was in that building? It is obvious LAPD made a very immature decision to shoot the young man regardless of who else could have been in danger in the surroundings area. The young man is a victim and police officers should find alternatives to resolve such situations. Firearms should be the last resort! I understand the young man made some irrational decisions by droving off and initiate the chase by endangering many others. OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT SWORN TO SERVE AND PROTECT! TO PROTECT, TO PROTECT REGARDLESS OF AGE, GENDER, RACE AND RELIGION!
A rapist who rapes and kills innocent children and still has a right to defend himself, this young man did not get the chance!

Anonymous said...

This could happen to anyone; to us, to our sons, or to our daughters. Put the hatred aside, do you want to be treated this way? Do you want your children to end up like this?
United We Stand!
See this from a different prespective regardless of who this young man was? Do you agree that lethal weapon should be the first choice or the last resort?
Think as an American. not as a white, black, hispanic or so forth!

Anonymous said...

We aren't jumping to conclusions, we all watched as he pointed something at the police and took a stance like he was going to shoot them. The police shouldn't have to sacrifice there lives to see if a suspect acting crazy really does have a gun or not. I would like to see you standing in front of someone who may or may not have a gun that could kill you and you choose to shoot him in the foot???? How would that stop him from shooting you in the chest?.

Anonymous said...

It seems like more people than the guy are out of touch with reality. Has anyone thought to ask, besides the educated ME's, etc, if the guy was on something like PCP. He kept getting up and running. That's how he managed to get between "90 and 120 bullets in him...!" Not that the police used him for TARGET PRACTICE! Scared sh*tless, unless your on something, you've enough wherewithal to realize they'd stop shooting if you styed down!!!!!!