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Friday, April 27, 2012

Downey Patriot: Calling to task a "community" newspaper.

Wanted to point your attention to today's (this weekends) print edition of Los Cerritos Community Newspaper.   Publisher Brian Hews has a strong inside look at how a Downey newspaper is trying to fool legal authorities into thinking that they are "something" that they "are not."

Here is the scoop from Brian Hews:

"Downey Newspaper Filing Questionable Documents to Obtain Legal Status in Norwalk Publisher could have possibly perjured herself; Mayor Kelley, Councilman Mendez, City Manager Mike Egan, and Chamber Executive Director Vivian Hansen’s involvement questioned In an effort to secure the ability to publish legal advertisements for the city of Norwalk,"

Downey Patriot Publisher Jennifer DeKay-Givens has twisted facts and fabricated the actual publication’s date of establishment and printing of the her “new” newspaper ...

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1 comment:

FILM MAKER said...

WELL DONE Randy, Brian and the
Even though not always attributed in
the Los Angeles Times, YOU were the
catalyst for exposing the NOGUEZ
Pay-To-Play Scheme!