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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Another day of email warnings from Labor leaders in Goozegate,,,,

The "bat phone" started to ring at around 0600 hours (that's like ah, way too early here in the 90703) about the newest memo from the labor union heads that represents the rank and file workers inside the Assessor's office here in LA County.

BTW.  Let's get this straight, up front, there are hundreds of AMAZING GREAT DEDICATED PROFESSIONAL SUPER PEOPLE who work inside the Assessor's office....then...you got the rotten apples...

Anyway...got a new update at Los Cerritos Community Newspaper about what was "in" that email (pretty astonishing, stuff)....

Check it out.....

New round of warnings issued to Assessor employees by union leaders for second straight day

By Randy Economy
District Attorney, Media focus of newest email issued on Thursday morning
Los Angeles, CA
For the second time in a three days, employees of the Los Angeles County Assessor’s Office have been slapped with another stern warning from union leaders relating to a massive criminal probe centered on political “pay to play” allegations, money laundering, bribery and influence peddling, Los Cerritos Community Newspaper has learned.
When hundreds of union members arrived to work on Thursday morning they found a new email from their union leaders from the California Association of Professional Employees, AFL-CIO under the heading “Secure Written Permission Before Talking to Investigators.”
Los Cerritos Community Newspaper was faxed a hard copy of the two page memo that directly takes aim at members of the media and criminal investigators.


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