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Monday, May 07, 2012

Beverly Hills Dentist Tom Kalili arrested on 101-count felony complains for insurance fraud. Tooth Fairy is officially outraged....

The Tooth Fairy is official stunned over this case coming out of the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office....

LOS ANGELES – A Beverly Hills dentist was arrested today on a 101-count felony complaint alleging insurance fraud exceeding $300,000 in losses, the District Attorney’s Office announced. Tom K. Kalili, 57 (dob 9/24/54), is charged in case No. BA394506 with grand theft and tax evasion with an excessive-taking allegation. Kalili is expected to appear for arraignment early next week in Department 30 of the Foltz Criminal Justice Center. The filing concludes a multi-year joint investigation by the California Department of Insurance, the California Dental Board and the California Franchise Board. Kalili owns and operates Beverly Hills Medical Suites, a dental office. The defendant’s office manager and biller, Claudia Ventura, 38 (dob 9/19/73), is charged with 10 felony counts including insurance fraud and accessory after the fact. She will be arraigned with Kalili next week. Bail for Kalili is recommended at $500,000. Co-defendant Ventura’s bail is recommended at $25,000. If convicted as charged, Ventura faces more than seven years in state prison. Kalili could be sentenced to more than 50 years in prison. Deputy District Attorney David Berton of the Healthcare Fraud Divisoin is assigned to the case


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What was the outcome of this dentist? Was he tried and sentenced? if so what did he get?