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Monday, May 21, 2012

LA Mayor candidate Kevin James blasts hiring of additional parking enforcement officers

Kevin James.  Is this the next mayor of LA?  Stay tuned.
Hey, pay attention.  Kevin James, candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles is once again making way to much sense in his campaign in next years race. I like Kevin. I have gotten to know him over the past couple of months and trust me, this guy has all the "right stuff" be fix LA City Hall from top to bottom. Kevin is taking on the parking meter wars in LA today.  Nice, job, Kevin.  His campaign just sent me this statement about the "Parking Wars" and his plan on how to fix the mess.  Keep you posted.

Los Angeles, May 21st – Today Mayoral candidate Kevin James announced his opposition to the current Mayor's proposed increase in parking fines, and his misguided budget "solution" of hiring more parking enforcement officers to increase revenues. James believes that parking fines in Los Angeles are already too high. 
James’ opponents in the Mayoral race have joined with Mayor Villaraigosa in approving parking ticket fine increases six of the last seven years. Kevin James declared, “Parking fine increases will end if I’m Mayor.” “Parking fines must be lowered. It’s bad for business, our City and its residents. Most of us do not have a Gold Card Desk,” continued James. James recognizes that residents, visitors and tourists are shocked at the price of parking in Los Angeles. When high parking fines are added many recipients choose not to pay the fines, stuff the tickets in a drawer hoping they will simply go away. This trend of ignoring the tickets results in less revenue for the City. “Businesses are suffering because customers are being soured by “rip-off” rates that people believe are being used to fund an inept, inefficient and corrupt City government. The higher the parking fines go, the higher the City’s uncollected revenues will go.” Kevin James believes the high rate of uncollected revenues in the City proves that parking fines should be lowered. A person receiving a $20 parking ticket is much more likely to pay $20 than a person who receives a $78 parking ticket. People that receive $78 parking tickets pay nothing and then stay away from the area that resulted in the issuance of the ticket. Many of the parking tickets issued in our neighborhoods are issued on street-sweeping day. However, residents argue that the street-sweepers are rarely seen, but parking enforcement officers are waiting to pounce. If the street is not being swept tickets should not be issued. This provides another opportunity for city departments to coordinate with one another in order to benefit city residents. For more information and to view his whole plan for Los Angeles, please visit Kevin James’ campaign website at  


Kevin James has been a radio broadcaster for over eight years where he has been an advocate for hard working residents, neighborhood councils, and common sense solutions to the challenges that face our city. Prior to being a broadcaster, James was an Assistant U.S. Attorney where he received the Director’s Award for his distinguished skills and dedication to cracking down on illegal conduct. James served on the Board of AIDS Project Los Angeles for six years. Currently, James is an entertainment attorney. He plans to continue his neighborhood council tour and focus on local issues throughout the campaign.
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