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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Above the Influence's Channel hits You Tube. A great way to reach teens about drugs and alcohol

During the past five years, I have been working with literally hundreds of young people here in the greater Cerritos and Norwalk area about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. It is a real problem here in our community. We all need to take action to help our children....

So.... I was THRILLED to see that You Tube has launched a new effort to reach out to communities around cyber space about this epidemic.   Here is more about the "About Above the Influence's" channel.

Yep. Every teen's life is filled with pressure, some good, some bad.

Above the Influence wants teens to recognize the negative pressures in their lives and stand up to them, including the pressure to use drugs and alcohol. To do this we give you the hard facts about drugs, reasons why living Above the Influence is better than living under, and stories from real teens.

Remember, to take the time to help young people here in our community, where ever you call "home!"

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