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Friday, June 29, 2012


English: Taken from How to photograph Sausalit...
English: Taken from How to photograph Sausalito and Tiburon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The body of Eric T. Fresch was found at Angel Island State Park in the San Francisco Bay not far from his home in Tiburon on Thursday.

Fresch was the millionaire city attorney at Vernon city hall and city administrator who raked off taxpayers BEYOND staggering methods.

What was he thinking?   What are you thinking?
 Hit my comment section. Let me know what you think about this here under this blog post.
Also....my pal Dave Bryan from CBS 2/KCAL 9 NEWS had the VERY BEST COVERAGE on the death of Fresch. Dave is the SECOND BEST INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER IN LOS ANGELES. Opps. JK


Actual Vernon Resident said...

Pathetic end of a life of a man who made MILLIONS off YOU and I here in Southeast Los Angeles County. ALL of these city halls are totally full of seedy city councilmen, attorneys, and city administrators. Cant feel sorry in this case....just OUTRAGE!

Anonymous said...

@Actual Vernon Resident: You have no idea what actually happened. You say you can't feel sorry for him? How about for his wife and two sons that suddenly don't have a husband and father anymore? Typical internet moron. Prick.

Anonymous said...

A very nice and kind father. The family lived very frugal lives.
Seems like there is no real story here. Just because some other citi es with no assets or business grossly overpaid their officials doesn't mean this one was bad.
I have heard that this was an industrial city with large business operations with a need for hands on professional service providers.

Anonymous said...

Always sad to see how quickly people judge others, especially when sitting behind a computer. He was a good man and my condolensces to his wife, sons, and family.

Anonymous said...

One of the greatest men I have ever known and a true role model for his sons and for me as we have grown up together - kindhearted, sweet, professional, and wide-eyed with the spirit of a young boy in awe of everything beautiful around him. He was so thoroughly dedicated to his work and to his family.

k rod the truth said...

The while family Tree is tainted,curtis killed him Because he was about to be a ratt lolpayoffs and bankrupcys family legacy and murder now

Anonymous said...

You can be a great family man or a borderline genius, but that doesn't make you a good person morally or ethically. I think Karma bit this one in the ass or skull. Not only was he overpaid in more ways than one, but he made sure his nowhere-near-qualified brothers also got a piece of the overpaid action. Just because there may be no direct evidence, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and hires his brother' its a duck. It doesn't take a genius.