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Thursday, June 21, 2012

GOT EM: Vuthy Sok, one of ‘America’s Most Wanted’ nabbed with help by Norwalk Sheriff’s Detectives

English: Postcard (postmarked 1907) depicting ...
English: Postcard (postmarked 1907) depicting John Bull and Uncle Sam under sign "To Canada" bringing in sacks of money "for investment in Canada" (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
LOVE this tip from Norwalk Sheriff's Captain Pat Maxwell on Thursday. You can RUN from the law, but SOONER or later, you will be HOOKED and SENT to JAIL! WTG to our Norwalk Sheriff's!

By Randy Economy
One of “America’s Most Wanted” television show crime suspects has been nabbed and will be appearing in a Bellflower court room on Friday over a crime that took place 12 years ago on June 7, 2000.

Crime Time
Crime Time (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Vuthy Sok, who was a former employee with Sectran Security Armored Car is being brought to justice after a brazen crime that included a money pick up as part of his duties on the 14000 block of Pioneer Boulevard in Norwalk.
According to Norwalk Sheriff’s Captain Patrick Maxwell, Sok threatened his work partner and stole a money bag containing a large amount of U.S. Currency and fled the scene. Law enforcement immediately identified Sok as the suspect, but he alluded officials during the investigation.
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