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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Recreation Park in Long Beach scene of shooting death on Saturday morning

English: Recreation Park bandshell, Recreaton ...
 Recreation Park bandshell, Recreaton Park, Long Beach, California, Long Beach Historic Landmark # 16.52.740 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Scary situation at a popular Long Beach park on Saturday morning.  A man has died from an apparent gun shot wound. 
Is this a suicide?
Long Beach Police are on the scene as well as Fire Department/Rescue workers to investigate. The incident took place at around 11:45 a.m. and the location is at Recreation Park at Park Avenue and 7th Street, located across from LB Wilson High School.  More details soon....Hit my comment section for the post and share your thoughts....

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Anonymous said...

I live across the street from this park. I saw all of the police at the scene. Thanks for the information.... scary

Anonymous said...

This happened on Friday. I saw the guy sitting in the shade, reading the paper minutes before the apparent suicide. I was crossing the park on the way to the restroom when I glanced over his way. He looked up from his paper, and then continued (what i thought was) reading. As I walked back towards the dog park, I saw a cop car heading in that direction on the grass. Upon reaching the scene, I saw the man lying on his back, arms extended at his side. There was blood on his face, and there was no visible effort to revive him. I didn't hear the gun, but a couple of people at the scene claimed to have heard a "pop". Probably a 22 or other small gun. Shortly after, 6 more squad cars and a paramedic arrived. An officer asked that the onlookers move along, and the small crowd dispersed. The man appeared to be in his 40's or 50's. Was a really weird feeling to think that I had just seen him alive minutes earlier. May he rest in peace. Wishing his loved ones strength and peace

Anonymous said...

Yes this happened on Friday.I was there when this happened my dog and i just left the dog park and walked right past him he was sitting under a tree. We walked about 20ft and heard a pop I turned around and he was laying down. Me and several others ran to him and noticed a tiny gun next to his hand and he had shot himself in the mouth he was unresponsive but began gasping for air and having mild convulsions. A man called the cops it took forever for paramedic response and when they arrived they didn't seem eager to help him maybe they knew he was already dead. I thought there might still be hope since he was attempting to breath but that could've been an involuntary reaction to him having passed it was a a very tragic incident and terrible to witness . I prayed for the man and his soul while me and others waited for a response team. It was an obvious suicide he held a newspaper and a large orange envelope next to him. I hope to read more on this story and see if he had family etc and the possible cause for taking his life.