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Friday, July 13, 2012

Maribel de la Torre goes from San Fernando City Council to Girl Gone Wild with Battery and Vandalism charges...

Councilwoman Charged With Vandalism, Battery

Maribel de la Torre has gone for being a San Fernando City Councilwoman to someone charged with Vandalism and Battery.  Battery?  You mean CITY COUNCIL MEMBERS can get popped for "BATTERY?"  Not here in Cerritos....

The victim is her former boy friend, Mario Hernandez, who was on the same San Fernando City Council and her former lover.  They broke up last month. She allegedly destroyed his laptop and a picture frame during a June 28 incident.

Wonder if her and Cerritos Councilman Bruce Barrows serve on that infamous Orange Line Development Authority Committee, or that wonderful Mag Lev Train Committee, or the Board of Directors of the California League of Cities Los Angeles Division... or the California Contract Cities Association.  She has to be on some Council of Government's doesn't she?

Local city council members are totally out of control here in LA County.... Time for a voter revolt....  

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