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Sunday, August 26, 2012


Theater (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Crap. I swear this really is "earthquake weather" here in Southern California. Like a bowl of soup. Weird outside. Anyway, we are over 100 earthquakes this afternoon here in the BRAWLEY area. I know Brawley. Great little community. Out in the middle of the Imperial Valley. Here are all the latest details from the USGS.
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2.32km NNW of Brawley, California33.005°N115.537°W6.7
2.74km WNW of Brawley, California32.999°N115.578°W15.8
2.24km NNW of Brawley, California33.018°N115.547°W1.2
2.85km NNW of Brawley, California33.021°N115.549°W14.1
3.44km NNW of Brawley, California33.014°N115.539°W9.6
3.42km N of Brawley, California33.005°N115.533°W4.2
1.96km SSW of Calipatria, California33.074°N115.549°W8.2
2.06km W of Brawley, California32.981°N115.600°W15.7
3.05km N of Brawley, California33.028°N115.541°W13.4
3.16km NW of Holtville, California32.849°N115.428°W16.4
2.25km WNW of Brawley, California32.995°N115.584°W14.0
2.07km N of Brawley, California33.046°N115.525°W6.5
2.24km NNW of Brawley, California33.019°N115.551°W13.4
2.020km WSW of Progreso, Mexico32.517°N115.785°W18.8
1.94km E of Westmorland, California33.033°N115.573°W0.0
2.02km WNW of Julian, California33.087°N116.621°W8.4
3.04km SE of Westmorland, California33.004°N115.586°W16.2
3.02km WSW of Brawley, California32.971°N115.551°W14.8
2.15km SSE of Westmorland, California32.998°N115.594°W16.5
1.94km NNW of Brawley, California33.018°N115.540°W14.4
2.46km N of Brawley, California33.036°N115.532°W8.8
2.75km N of Brawley, California33.026°N115.538°W10.9
3.15km WNW of Brawley, California32.996°N115.591°W12.5
2.52km SW of Brawley, California32.967°N115.551°W13.1
2.94km NNW of Brawley, California33.022°N115.541°W11.5
2.37km ENE of Imperial, California32.868°N115.498°W5.7
2.110km S of Salton City, California33.202°N115.954°W27.3
2.24km W of Brawley, California32.975°N115.577°W14.4
2.110km WSW of Brawley, California32.931°N115.623°W5.0
2.54km ENE of Westmorland, California33.051°N115.577°W0.0
2.75km N of Brawley, California33.027°N115.532°W11.8
2.35km WSW of Brawley, California32.967°N115.582°W0.2
2.33km WSW of Brawley, California32.963°N115.560°W8.2
2.27km W of Brawley, California32.974°N115.606°W10.7
2.54km NW of Brawley, California33.005°N115.565°W12.4
2.15km N of Brawley, California33.026°N115.535°W14.2
3.86km N of Brawley, California33.038°N115.527°W12.4
3.55km WNW of Brawley, California32.999°N115.590°W14.3
3.66km W of Brawley, California32.973°N115.599°W8.5
2.520km S of Salton City, California33.116°N115.958°W5.6
2.92km NW of Brawley, California32.998°N115.549°W0.3
2.95km W of Brawley, California32.970°N115.588°W12.9
2.45km S of Westmorland, California32.986°N115.609°W8.5
2.65km N of Brawley, California33.032°N115.524°W4.3
2.84km N of Brawley, California33.022°N115.536°W10.0
2.52km W of Brawley, California32.974°N115.561°W1.4
2.73km N of Brawley, California33.013°N115.536°W0.0
3.95km SSE of Westmorland, California32.986°N115.603°W11.8
4.37km NE of Brawley, California33.033°N115.479°W12.1
2.85km N of Brawley, California33.026°N115.524°W11.9
2.95km WSW of Brawley, California32.959°N115.585°W0.0
3.65km WNW of Brawley, California32.997°N115.587°W11.4
2.04km WSW of Brawley, California32.966°N115.577°W13.7
1.52km N of Brawley, California33.005°N115.534°W9.2
3.15km N of Brawley, California33.027°N115.535°W5.1
2.04km N of Brawley, California33.020°N115.523°W9.4
5.55km NNW of Brawley, California33.024°N115.549°W9.0
2.26km N of Brawley, California33.034°N115.533°W7.5
1.73km NW of Westmorland, California33.057°N115.656°W18.2
2.15km N of Brawley, California33.023°N115.539°W9.6
2.34km WNW of Imperial, California32.861°N115.615°W5.0
2.23km E of Imperial, California32.851°N115.529°W12.8
1.73km ENE of Westmorland, California33.051°N115.591°W6.6
1.73km NNW of Brawley, California33.004°N115.546°W10.3
1.72km W of Brawley, California32.981°N115.561°W13.3
2.24km NNW of Brawley, California33.021°N115.540°W13.7
2.16km N of Brawley, California33.041°N115.529°W10.0
2.65km NNW of Brawley, California33.030°N115.545°W12.2
1.615km SW of Westmorland, California32.938°N115.732°W2.6
2.13km NW of Brawley, California33.004°N115.558°W12.4
2.25km N of Brawley, California33.029°N115.531°W9.7
1.74km SSE of Westmorland, California32.995°N115.608°W12.6
2.04km NNW of Brawley, California33.019°N115.545°W8.2
1.84km N of Brawley, California33.017°N115.532°W7.0
2.53km N of Brawley, California33.008°N115.529°W0.8
2.35km NW of Brawley, California33.018°N115.565°W4.1
3.15km NNW of Brawley, California33.024°N115.543°W4.7
2.09km WSW of Brawley, California32.953°N115.626°W11.6
2.83km N of Brawley, California33.009°N115.528°W9.6
2.53km NW of Brawley, California33.004°N115.553°W12.0
2.06km SE of Calipatria, California33.079°N115.469°W0.1
2.44km NW of Brawley, California33.008°N115.566°W14.1
2.53km NW of Brawley, California33.007°N115.553°W12.0
2.44km W of Brawley, California32.973°N115.580°W14.6
3.45km NNW of Brawley, California33.026°N115.543°W11.9
2.43km NNE of Brawley, California33.007°N115.523°W14.9
3.54km NW of Brawley, California33.012°N115.564°W12.7
2.55km N of Brawley, California33.029°N115.535°W10.0
3.05km WNW of Brawley, California32.996°N115.582°W12.5
2.45km N of Brawley, California33.030°N115.539°W14.7
2.15km SW of Westmorland, California33.007°N115.662°W18.0
2.23km NNW of Brawley, California33.011°N115.547°W10.4
2.32km NNW of Brawley, California32.998°N115.536°W10.8
2.63km NW of Brawley, California33.000°N115.561°W11.1
2.23km WNW of Brawley, California32.986°N115.561°W0.0
2.57km SW of Brawley, California32.928°N115.577°W7.9
2.98km SE of Brawley, California32.934°N115.457°W3.5
2.44km WNW of Brawley, California32.998°N115.576°W13.5
2.54km NW of Brawley, California33.008°N115.559°W9.6
2.34km WNW of Brawley, California32.989°N115.572°W3.0
2.34km NNW of Brawley, California33.016°N115.542°W12.3
3.65km N of Brawley, California33.025°N115.541°W13.6
2.04km NNW of Brawley, California33.012°N115.553°W7.7
2.83km NNW of Brawley, California33.010°N115.541°W9.8
2.34km WNW of Brawley, California32.991°N115.575°W7.7
1.82km NNW of Brawley, California32.997°N115.544°W0.0
2.28km SE of Brawley, California32.930°N115.457°W14.7
3.44km SE of Westmorland, California33.007°N115.586°W12.8
2.85km NNW of Brawley, California33.021°N115.558°W24.8
2.54km WNW of Brawley, California32.989°N115.572°W12.4
3.24km WNW of Brawley, California32.993°N115.575°W0.2
2.04km NW of Brawley, California33.014°N115.559°W4.5
3.05km N of Brawley, California33.023°N115.541°W10.6
4.35km SSE of Westmorland, California32.990°N115.598°W13.8
2.64km WNW of Brawley, California32.998°N115.572°W7.7
2.04km WNW of Brawley, California32.997°N115.571°W4.4
3.44km ENE of Brawley, California32.995°N115.485°W7.9
4.95km NNW of Brawley, California33.021°N115.554°W14.5
5.34km NNW of Brawley, California33.019°N115.546°W12.3
2.66km N of Brawley, California33.035°N115.536°W10.2
2.01km NNW of Brawley, California32.988°N115.535°W1.8
3.45km NNW of Brawley, California33.023°N115.561°W13.7
2.05km NNW of Brawley, California33.021°N115.564°W12.5
2.25km NNW of Brawley, California33.018°N115.558°W11.4
2.03km ENE of Westmorland, California33.047°N115.584°W5.7
3.53km NNW of Brawley, California33.003°N115.546°W11.0
4.64km NNW of Brawley, California33.019°N115.545°W13.1
2.02km NW of Brawley, California32.995°N115.552°W1.9
4.05km NNW of Brawley, California33.026°N115.547°W13.8
1.94km NNW of Brawley, California33.013°N115.552°W4.4
2.55km NNW of Brawley, California33.024°N115.541°W13.4
2.55km NNW of Brawley, California33.027°N115.542°W13.3
2.16km ENE of Brawley, California32.992°N115.463°W7.8
2.35km NNW of Brawley, California33.026°N115.546°W14.3
3.05km N of Brawley, California33.027°N115.538°W14.5
3.15km NNW of Brawley, California33.024°N115.546°W13.5
2.64km NW of Brawley, California33.008°N115.560°W12.2
1.110km W of Calipatria, California33.141°N115.628°W0.8
1.55km NW of Brawley, California33.014°N115.565°W8.9
1.83km NNW of Brawley, California33.006°N115.539°W8.0
1.44km NW of Brawley, California33.004°N115.562°W1.4
1.53km NW of Brawley, California32.996°N115.558°W1.0
1.68km WSW of Brawley, California32.959°N115.614°W1.1
1.24km N of Borrego Springs, California33.293°N116.382°W46.9
2.43km NNW of Brawley, California33.008°N115.549°W10.2
2.74km NW of Brawley, California33.014°N115.560°W12.7
1.51km NNW of Cherry Valley, California33.987°N116.988°W13.7
1.93km NNW of Brawley, California33.009°N115.543°W9.2
1.84km NNW of Westmorland, California33.076°N115.642°W9.9
1.315km E of Sky Valley, California33.868°N116.190°W7.9
1.94km NNW of Brawley, California33.022°N115.541°W16.1
2.04km NNW of Brawley, California33.021°N115.547°W11.7
1.67km E of Brawley, California32.976°N115.446°W5.1
1.85km NNW of Brawley, California33.025°N115.546°W10.8
2.64km NNW of Brawley, California33.011°N115.551°W12.0
2.04km NNW of Brawley, California33.017°N115.555°W14.3
1.73km NW of Brawley, California33.000°N115.552°W4.1
1.82km NNW of Brawley, California32.999°N115.537°W6.6
2.24km NNW of Brawley, California33.017°N115.551°W12.6
2.64km NW of Brawley, California33.010°N115.556°W12.2
2.54km NNW of Brawley, California33.017°N115.556°W12.2
3.35km NNW of Brawley, California33.023°N115.549°W13.4
2.94km NNW of Brawley, California33.017°N115.555°W12.7
1.63km NNW of Brawley, California33.008°N115.542°W0.9
2.24km NNW of Brawley, California33.016°N115.550°W9.9
2.04km NNW of Brawley, California33.014°N115.551°W13.9
1.92km NW of Brawley, California32.995°N115.550°W1.7
2.25km NNW of Brawley, California33.023°N115.547°W14.9
2.62km NW of Brawley, California32.996°N115.548°W6.0
3.85km NW of Brawley, California33.019°N115.563°W13.2
1.16km N of Borrego Springs, California33.313°N116.380°W7.5
1.72km NW of Brawley, California32.996°N115.549°W0.0
1.84km NNW of Brawley, California33.010°N115.554°W11.5
2.54km NNW of Brawley, California33.018°N115.555°W12.4
1.73km NW of Brawley, California33.006°N115.556°W9.9
1.83km NNW of Brawley, California33.004°N115.550°W1.5
1.84km NNW of Brawley, California33.014°N115.553°W13.8
2.24km NNW of Brawley, California33.021°N115.545°W12.4
1.63km NW of Brawley, California33.002°N115.554°W5.7
2.53km NW of Brawley, California32.998°N115.559°W11.4
2.53km NNW of Brawley, California33.010°N115.548°W12.0
2.54km NNW of Brawley, California33.015°N115.552°W12.5
1.25km W of Yucaipa, California34.030°N117.101°W17.3
1.53km E of Desert Edge, California33.921°N116.407°W45.3
1.84km NNW of Brawley, California33.018°N115.555°W12.9
1.114km NNW of Borrego Springs, California33.386°N116.414°W14.7
1.318km W of Niland, California33.262°N115.713°W9.3
3.314km E of Sky Valley, California33.871°N116.194°W7.5
1.512km N of Cabazon, California34.032°N116.812°W13.0
1.815km SSW of Seeley, California32.658°N115.742°W9.2
1.315km S of East Hemet, California33.604°N116.936°W8.5
1.810km W of Progreso, Mexico32.573°N115.700°W12.7
2.08km WSW of Brawley, California32.944°N115.610°W5.0
2.03km NW of Brawley, California33.002°N115.557°W10.2
1.44km NNW of Brawley, California33.012°N115.552°W14.3
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