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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Irma Zamora, identified as the electrocution victim from tragic car crash last night in Valley Village

I watched in stunned silence last night when NBC Southern California reported LIVE about the tragic car accident up in Valley Village that resulted in the electrocution deaths of two innocent by-standers who attempted to render aid.  One of the victims has been identified as Irma Zamora, 40, of Burbank. The second victim has not been positively identified.  What a sad tragedy.  Many others were injured in this accident...Here is the report from NBC News here in So Ca.  BTW.  ALEX CALDER from NBC LA did an AMAZING JOB covering this LIVE last night:

View more videos at: http://nbclosangeles.com.

The dangerous combination of electricity and water killed two Good Samaritans who were electrocuted when they rushed to the scene of a car crash that sheered off a fire hydrant and knocked over a light pole in Valley Village, authorities said. One of the women who died was identified Thursday as Irma Zamora, 40, of Burbank. Officials said the other victim, also a woman, could not be identified until her family was notified.
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JESS Kalinowsky said...

Was the cause of the crash determined? Alcohol? Drugs? Cell phone use, or misuse!!!

Randy Economy said...

Don't know, Jess. Can't think of a more horrific way to leave this realm.