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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

LISTENER ALERT: The David Cruz Show tackles the teen drug epidemic in South Orange County on Thursday on KTLK AM 1150

I want ALL of my 5,000,000 READERS to tune into The David Cruz Show on Thursday (1150 AM KTLK in Southern California, 3 to 6 p.m.) when he talks openly and honestly about the MASSIVE OUTBREAK of DEATHS of YOUNG PEOPLE in SOUTH ORANGE COUNTY due to HEROIN and METH drug overdoses.

This is going to be raw, emotional, and A MUST for YOU to LISTEN! Proud of you David Cruz Show for OPENING this BOX!  Drugs are killing our children and are killing the heart and souls of our communities across EVERY affluent city in Southern California.

This is information from David's web site about the show and the situation in THE SOC:  (Suburban Junkies video via You Tube).

From the David Cruz Show WEB SITE:

10 grams of no.3 heroin
10 grams of no.3 heroin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
With the steady rise of prescription drug abuse across the state, young pill addicts are succumbing in increasing numbers to another vice: heroin.  For young people who otherwise might have been turned off by the needles and track marks associated with intravenous drug use, switching from abusing pills perceived as “clean” and “safe” to snorting or smoking heroin isn’t a major leap, according to treatment specialists and public health officials.
The switch from prescription opioids to heroin swept up people like Evan Macphee, a 23-year-old Orange County resident who said he turned to heroin after a seven-pills-a-day addiction to prescription drugs like OxyContin and Opana became too expensive.

Read more: http://www.ktlkam1150.com/pages/DavidCruz.html?article=10348101#ixzz23gGaiGj3

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