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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Mayor candidate Kevin James uses "Rape Kits" ad as symbol of failures at LA City Hall

Great to see Los Angeles Mayor Candidate Kevin James talk about a huge underlying problem inside the halls of city government, and it squarely hits a hot button issue: Rape Kits. Kevin James for Mayor campaign unveiled a web ad featuring his involvement as a radio broadcaster in the elimination of the rape kit backlog in Los Angeles. Despite victims' pleas for assistance from LA City's elected officials, few would pay attention until Kevin James raised the issue nightly on his radio program. Eventually the rape kit backlog was completely eradicated. Kevin James also relaunched his campaign website with a new look and even more ideas, issues and solutions to make LA great again. Kevin James stated, "As Mayor I will put the people's priorities first. I have spent years listening to Angelenos' concerns over the airwaves and in neighborhoods throughout the city. Time and time again when LA's politicians have failed, the community has turned to me for help. The rape kit backlog was a tragedy that should never have occurred in the first place." This campaign for Mayor of Los Angeles is already starting to get "hot." We need a Mayor that is going to think differently and think about getting the job done, instead of just worrying about getting elected to another political office.

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