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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ricky Gill to hit Hurricane during GOP confab this weekend; Yawn Fest in the making

Ricky Gervais

Got the GOP Convention in Tampa coming up this weekend.  It looks like this is going to be a total wash out thanks to a hurricane.  Having a political convention in Florida in August is just as bizarre as the Democrats hold their confab in the HEART of NASCAR COUNTRY.
This "rising star" in California GOP politics is being "pushed" this weekend.  Guy names Ricky Gill.  Running for Congress against my pal Rep.Jerry McNerney.  Looking at this You Tube Video on Ricky, this guy looks like a real snooze fest in the making. Yawn......
CA GOP CHIEF Tom Del Beccaro is HOT for RICKY:
 “Ricky Gill is a rising star and we want to congratulate him on being named as a speaker at our upcoming National Convention. Like the residents of the 9th Congressional District, California Republicans across the state look forward to hearing from Ricky about his plan to help give his community, and California, a greater voice in Congress to fix our economy, put people back to work and protect and promote the American Dream. Ricky is part of an impressive group of Congressional candidates we are excited to support in November,” stated Del Beccaro. 

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