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Sunday, August 05, 2012

VIDEO: Usain Bolt Olympic Gold Medal Run in London sends FANS into a FRENZY; Now here comes Ernesto

 I am so so excited for the people of Jamaica today, yet so so worried as well.

Kingston Idol Usain Bolt has BLAZED the track in London and has WON the GOLD MEDAL. Wow. Having spent lots of time in Kingston and all of Jamaica, let me tell you, Usain is the PRIDE and JOY of the ENTIRE nation. He literally could become a future Prime Minister. Jamaica sports culture revolves around track and field. The biggest television sports feature each year on the island nation is the annual high school track finals that are held at the National Stadium in Kingston.

 Anyway....on the flip side of the coin, Tropical Storm/Hurricane Ernesto is heading toward that island in the Atlantic this afternoon. Be safe. Party on!  Usain was "insane" on the track and he ran a 9.69 in the 100.  Wow.  That's FAST!

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