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Saturday, September 01, 2012

LA Times plays games on USC over Schenter expose; Give me a break

MY TAKE: "Anyone who knows Scott Schenter, knows that the guy isn't playing with a full deck. For the LA Times to print an article of this extent is just plain bizarre and frankly many holes can be driven through this car wreck of weak reporting by four well respected journalists.  Leaves me wondering about the motives of the LA Times more than ever.

English: Running back Joe McKnight, after a fa...
Running back Joe McKnight, after a fall practice before the 2008 USC Trojans football season. He is making the traditional USC Trojan "V" for victory hand sign. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Randy Economy

So, you all know about this Scott Schenter dude?  I have been all over this clown for the past year and have been covering his role in the massive criminal probe inside the LA County Assessor's Office for the Los Cerritos Community Newspaper since Day One.  

If you look at the entire criminal probe by the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office and other law enforcement agencies, Schenter is a "small fish" in the grand scheme of things.  

Yes, Scotty was arrested and YES he has been charged with 60 counts of money laundering, fraud, yada yada, but HE IS NOT the main star in the probe.... (stay tuned).  When all of the arrests are made in this case involving Noguez, people are going to end up saying "Scott, who?"

LA Times published a dozen emails that claim that Schenter, a former property appraiser specialist with the West District Office,"allegedly" provided thousands of dollars worth of cash and prizes to two former USC student-athletes, Joe Mc Knight and Davon Jefferson. I find it curious why this article was released just five hours before USC kicks off the 2012 Football Season against the University of Hawaii....  The Blogs are blowing up today...

USC Athletic Director Pat Hayden fired off this response to the LAT's on Saturday:

"When allegations regarding Joe McKnight's use of a Land Rver arose in 2009, USC fully investigated the matter. All of the information related to the investigation was sent to the NCAA. The NCAA staff accepted the report, and no violation was processed. "We have just learned of new allegations presented by a reporter from the Los Angeles Times. We have discussed those allegations with the NCAA and PAC-12, and we will thoroughly investigate them and take any and all necessary actions. "Since my 2010 appointment as USC's Athletic Director, in conjunction with USC President Max Nikias and Dave Roberts, our Vice President for Athletic Compliance, we have diligently worked to enhance a culture of compliance throughout the Athletic Department and the University. We have been a national leader in athletic compliance matters, holding national conferences on issues impacting intercollegiate athletics such as agents, non-scholastic football 7 on 7 competition, high-profile student-athletes and other issues. These events were attended by representatives of the NCAA, Pac-12, professional sports leagues, collegiate conferences and Division I institutions. We have increased the staff in our Office of Athletic Compliance and we will come  to stress and emphasize rules education and compliance to all of our constituents, including our student-athletes and their relatives, coaches and University staff, alumni, boosters and the media. Just last week, as the fall sports season kicked off, Dave Roberts and I met again with our football team and staff to discuss and emphasize the importance of these rules and the need to be ever-vigilant in fulfilling our compliance obligations. Similar meetings will be held with all of our athletic teams this fall. "I can personally assure you that USC takes its compliance obligations with NCAA and Pac-12 rules extremely seriously and we are dedicated to playing and competing the right way."
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