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Sunday, September 09, 2012

Jason Shmelnik, Pavel Volodkovich, and Ekaterina Botvinieva perish in horrific car accident along Ventrura Boulevard; What a tragic loss

Jason Shmelnik
Jason Shmelnik via his Facebook Page

What a horrific and tragic situation on Ventura Boulevard this weekend...

Three Southern California news networks have reported that Jason Shmelnik of Los Angeles, Pavel Volodkovich (known as Pasha), and Ekaterina Botvinieva as the three victims in a horrific car accident in Studio City early Sunday morning along Ventura Boulevard.

LA City Fire officials said the three friends were inside a speeding BMW heading eastbound on Ventura Boulevard at Tujunga Avenue just after 3:30 a.m. when they lost control.

Investigators said the car was going so fast it slammed into several parking meters before knocking over two trees and coming to a stop at a palm tree. It also cracked a gas main.

It is a tragic loss for the community and for these three amazing bright lights who were just at the beginning of their lives.
Looking west along Ventura Boulevard, at the i...
Looking west along Ventura Boulevard, at the intersection with Laurel Canyon Boulevard, in Studio City, Los Angeles, California, USA (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Keep them in your thoughts and prayers this coming week.   They were dancers, and friends and today many are reflecting on the precious gift of life....

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