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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Los Angeles County Hall of Administration Scandal: Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men....

A very basic map of Los Angeles County in Cali...
A very basic map of Los Angeles County in California (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I wanted to thank the tens of  thousands of readers who have taken to my blog and the Los Cerritos Community Newspaper website since last Friday regarding our latest expose on the "pay to play" schemes that have gripped the Los Angeles County Hall of Administration and specifically the Assessor's office for this past number of years.  

One of the letters, from an 85 year old former resident of Los Angeles County...sums up the "arrogance of power" and how "power corrupts power."

The below "victim" now lives in Washington state.   I am going to continue to keep the bright media spot light on our politicians and their taxpayer supported spokesmen and women accountable. Remember, I will continue to "follow the money," millions and billions and the game continues.... Remember:  Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men....

Dear Mr. Economy:

have been reviewing your outstanding efforts to uncover and expose corruption in public offices.
I have an ongoing problem with the LA County Assessor’s Department/staff. I am 85 years of age, disabled, with open angle Glaucoma (severe case) and have a very limited income. It is very difficult to get anyone’s attention and meaningful assistance here, although Supervisor Antonovich/staff (Ms. Leida Erickson) have been helping me significantly, especially since I have been right and the Assessor has been wrong. Never the less, I am still forced to untimely waits, complex, invalid answers and more from the Assessor’s Department. Supervisor Antonovich and his Assistant (Ms. Erickson), have in a manner of speaking been “life savers”, but they do have time and availability limitations and the Assessor is another elected official and is not directly subject to the Board of Supervisors’ authority. All this effort, on my part, is extremely burdensome, both physically and mentally, plus, in reality, this should not be happening via a public agency and an elected official/Assessor!
These problems with the Assessor have extended over approximately 5 years and during this period I have amassed significant/detail evidence that I believe shows the Assessors here (Mr. Auerbach & Mr. Quon – now retired and Mr. Noguez – now forced to step down due to an ongoing investigation for corruption), with Mr. Kreimann now as current acting Assessor are at fault! I do not believe any of these officials have been ethical and/or competent and in their use of their contrived procedures/practice and they tend to and/or deliberately try to confuse, arbitrarily rejecting my evidence and efforts to receive fair treatment or valid answers to my legitimate concerns/questions. I often wonder, based on their incompetent Department replies, whether they even take adequate time to read, in detail, my correspondence and verify it’s accuracy. They seem to have an approach that says, the Assessor/Assessor’s Department is always right and you are wrong no matter what!
This failure to provide a competent and ethical public service and one that assures and allows equity and relief/adjustments for the Taxpayer/Property Owner does need immediate action! I and others need the assistance of those who can expose and influence rapid and needed changes. If this is happening to me, I’m sure there are thousands of other who are also subject to this treatment!
The arrogance here is appalling and the incompetency along with this, makes it almost impossible for me to seek and acquire legitimate, financial and timely relief even based on valid evidence. Even the Appeals Board system, which I believe is tainted, and based on my experiences, I believe some Board members are obviously incompetent and are extremely biased on behalf of the Assessor’s Department. My direct experience with the Board, at Hearings, also indicates some of these Board Members do not understand their job, the Real Estate Market or factors that critically affect assessments, thusly property owners are not receiving justice or fair and binding judgments on all parties!
In summary,I believe the Assessors/Assessor’s Department have been corrupt in their practices/procedures, assessments. The system is broken and in need of an impartial in-depth audit and a close examination by appropriate law enforcement agencies. I understand Mr. Cooley, LA District Attorney is conducting an investigation in this respect. I have, but only recently, found out about this and have forwarded him some late pertinent information (last two weeks), but so far I have not received any replies.
I could use some meaningful assistance from the Media, those in the State Legislature and others/officials who are ethical, possess leadership strengths and who favor reform in this area of property taxes/assessments and effective public service!
I am planning to deliver a package of valid and supporting evidence to selected people in the Media, State Legislature, et al and will be arranging to deliver this via a friend in the next 3 weeks.
I hope you can assist me and supply some names and addresses of key members of the State Legislature, law enforcement officials and any others you believe are willing to look at and expose these problems and unacceptable public services and with a desire expedite reform/actions to correct these wrongs.
At the moment, I am still engaged in this struggle with the Assessor on several issues and am not getting, what I believe is unbiased and timely help by the Assessor’s Department. As I mentioned, the financial burden, the excessive time/assessments and effort for me is horrendous!
I simply cannot afford an Attorney, much less the time this would take including the long extended court dates, fees, etc., that this action mandates!
Thank you for your patience and review,
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