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Sunday, October 07, 2012

$6 A Gallon Gas Arrives In Southern California; Time to FIRE MARY NICHOLS

It happened. In Southern California this weekend gasoline reached $6 a gallon, and it is climbing into the ozone level with no relief in sight.  One gas station in Long Beach is reported to already be at $6.49 a gallon.

 I wonder if you get your car windows washed by a snazzy bright smiled guy wearing a nice while shirt and a bow tie? Not likely. Maybe a lube job, if you get my drift.

English: Governor Jerry Brown at a rally in Sa...
English: Governor Jerry Brown at a rally in Sacramento's Winn Park on Halloween, 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
But Governor Jerry Brown (LMAO) fired off a silly letter to Mary Nichols, Chair of the California Air Resources Board on Sunday:

He says:

"Chairman Nichols: California is temporarily experiencing tight gasoline supplies that are causing dramatic spikes in the price consumers must pay to fuel their vehicles. Gas prices in the State have set new record highs, and gas is completely unavailable at some stations in southern California. If this situation continues, it may cause unacceptable price impacts for consumers and small businesses, significant economic disruption, and serious harm to public safety and welfare. California refiners are required to produce a summer-blend gasoline through October in most areas of the State. After October 31, a winter-blend gasoline is allowed. Due to the composition of the gasoline, refiners can produce more of the winter-blend than the summer-blend. In light of the tight gasoline supplies and resulting price spikes, we should not wait until the end of the month to start production of our winter-blend gasoline. Allowing refiners to make an early transition to winter-blend gasoline could quickly increase fuel supply and provide a much needed safety valve with negligible air quality impacts. Accordingly, I am directing that the Air Resources Board immediately take whatever steps are necessary to allow for an early transition to winter-blend gasoline to be manufactured, imported, dist
ributed, and sold in California. Edmund G. Brown Jr. Governor

This is a joke. Once again Californians are being held hostage by Sacramento politicians who are WAY too busy right now running for REELECTION in the upcoming November election. Time to FIRE MARY NICHOLS once and for all.
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