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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Going to be on The Mark Isler Show on Saturday night....gabbing away with folks like George Romney

With Mark Isler, and Brian and Cora Hews!
I had a BLAST on Friday with my super pal David Cruz on The David Cruz Show on Friday afternoon on KTLK-AM 1150!  Brian Hews (my publisher over at Los Cerritos Community Newspaper) were talking in studio with David about our latest "scoops" this past week.....Thanks, David....your are amazing....

So, on Saturday night, I will be with my pal Mark Isler, with The Mark Isler Show, on The Answer 870 AM (KRLA) starting at 9:30 p.m. (sharp).  Looks like Mark has a "super duper" (can we say that?) line up.  This is from my pal Tommy Lightfoot Garrett from http://www.highlighthollywood.com.

Thanks, Mark..Looking forward to a GREAT night on The Answer!
"Highlight Hollywood spoke exclusively to show producer, Michael Millar, who works on the famed L.A. Talk Radio show the “Mark Isler Show.” After an incredible star-studded lineup last Saturday, this week, including the talented Madison Rising band, Millar told us who Mark’s guests tonight will be. “George Romney, who is the nephew of Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney will be on the show on Saturday. We are excited to be able to talk to Mr. Romney about Governor Romney’s campaign for the Presidency, as well as learning more about the Romney family.” But, it wouldn’t be the “Mark Isler Show,” without Mark’s famous monologue on politics over the past seven days. That segment runs from 9 p.m. PST to 10 p.m. Shortly after, Mark will speak with Mitt Romney’s nephew, (George Romney) about the campaign and other exciting insider exclusive details about the family as well. Then at around 10 p.m. Local investigative journalist Randy Economy of the Los Cerritos Community News will update our listeners with the latest updates on the scandals he broke the news on over the summer regarding a corrupt L.A. County official. Plus, in the 10-11 p.m. hour, Mark’s House Party will include comedian Evan Sayet, actor Carl Gilliard, and Democratic activist Charles Taylor. It will be another exciting show Saturday night. Don’t miss my friend Mark and his varied guests. Feel free to call in at (866) 870-KRLA and share your thoughts with Mark. Listen to the Mark Isler Show on Saturday nights from 9-11PM on AM 870, If you do not live in the L.A. area to listen to the show on your radio, you can log on to www.krla870.com and click on “Listen Live” to tune in! You can follow us at www.twitter.com/HighlightHwd."
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