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Thursday, November 27, 2014

Being Thankful Today. BTW, the GPS doesn't always work around Anaheim

Thanksgiving, 2014.

Today was another day when I paused, thanked God for the many Blessing's that have been bestowed upon me and to be with loved ones.

I am also reminded that life is a gift, a precious gift that cannot fit into a box but can only be felt in one's inner soul.   I also was reminded to never trust Mapquest or Verizon Navigator.

My mom, and a dear family friend went to Anaheim today to celebrate Thanksgiving, it ended up being like Mr. Toads Wild Ride over at Disneyland.  (Is Mr. Toad's Wild Ride STILL at Disneyland, or am I out of touch?)

We got lost, totally lost, and we have the magic of GPS to thank for the big misadventure.

Sure, we had the right address to where we were headed, after all, Anaheim is only six miles from Cerritos.

Residential streets in Anaheim actually look identical and many of the street names are identical with the exception of the tiny word etched on the end of the street type.  Yep. Watch the Avenue, Street, Circle, Court, Way, Lane, Drive, East Anaheim, West Anaheim, N, S, W, E, it was all a blur today.

Needless to say....we arrived very late.....like the last one's to arrive.  We did however find a lovely home on the end of a street that had the same street number and street name.  Nah, we didn't crash that party but maybe next year we might just pop into that unsuspecting fancy two story ranch styled home.

We still laughed at being SO lost and SO late....it was a Thanksgiving I will never forget.

Life is good.

I wonder what ever happened that that family recipe for "Stacked Pie" that I made with Debbie Wilson at my casa in Cerritos back in 1978?  That's another story I have tucked in my "Turkey Day Memory Bank."

What are you #thankful for today?  Hit my comment section.

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