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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

ONE MONTH LATER: Bell Gardens Mayor Daniel Crespo’s Murder Continues to Cast Dark Shadow over Friends, Family, and Legal System

The casket of Bell Gardens Mayor Daniel Crespo.  Randy Economy Photo

By Randy Economy

(Bell Gardens, CA) The murder of Bell Gardens Mayor Daniel Crespo continues to haunt the subdued halls of City Hall, homes and businesses across this small working class bedroom community that is located outside of shadows of Downtown Los Angeles.

It also haunts me.

Daniel Crespo was my friend, a very close friend and confidant.

On September 20, I got a phone call from Robert Kovacik who works with NBC LA.  Robert was on jury duty when he called me that particular afternoon.  I had been in a major car accident a couple of weeks earlier and had suffered tremendous soft tissue damage in my rib cage and back and deep bruises.  I was racked up and lucky to be alive.

Robert asked me if I had heard that Daniel had “been shot.”

Shot? Daniel, Crespo? Huh?

My life blurred.  I turned on Channel 4; a photo of “Crespo” (as so many of us called him) was on the screen with the graphic words, “Bell Gardens Mayor Shot.”

The next several minutes turned into an hour, an American Mayor had been murdered and his wife (Lyvette) was named as the person who pulled the trigger and their 19-year-old son was apparently in the same room when it all took place.

Today marks one month since Daniel Crespo was murdered.

Still, no one has been charged.

No one has been held accountable.

The media is going “cold” on this case, except for me.  I, for one, will be dedicating my energy to follow each detail of Daniel’s death and to see how the American Justice System is going to work, or fail here.

The LA Times had a front-page splash on the case this week.  It made the front page. I applaud the LA Times for the ink.

I attended Daniel’s funeral at Rose Hills. It was bizarre, it was surreal and it was something I will never forget and what took place at that funeral was shocking for those of us who witness what unfolded.

I will be documenting each detail of this case for the next several weeks, months, or years for that matter.

You don’t shoot someone seven times just because your having a bad day. 

There is more to be revealed.

I took this photo of Mayor Daniel Crespo just a few weeks before he was murdered at a park in Bell Gardens.
I am going to stick to the facts.

I am working on a documentary, a book for sure on the case.

Today I will pause and remember my friend Daniel Crespo, and so should every member of the media and the community of Bell Gardens.

(Note: If you would like to talk to me more about this case, and if you are one of my friends in the media who is covering this case, feel free to drop me a note at RREconomy@aol.com or call me on my cell phone at 562 743-0882).

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