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Sunday, December 14, 2014

2015 La Mirada City Council Campaign Turned Totally Sideways.

Tony Aiello.Councilman in the Making!

The March 2015 La Mirada City Council has been totally turned upside down.

Yep, politically boring La Mirada has joined the rest of rowdy Southeast Los Angeles County. About time.

Seven candidates, including the lightning rod father of Councilman Andrew Sarega, will seek three seats on the City Council. 

Also in the race is Tony Aiello,  a life long resident who is literally one of the best know residents in La Mirada.

Game on. 

So will voters elect two Sarega's to the La Mirada City Council.  If so, I want the rights to the cable television reality show if it happens.

The Sarega Show could rival the Real Housewives of Orange County or Beverly Hills for that matter.

The Sarega's are changing the rules of the political around here.

Dad John is outspoken. Brash. Some say hot headed.  Opinionated. Passionate.

Son Andrew Sarega lives under the same roof with Dad.  That is where the Reality Show begins if both are elected.

Councilman Steve Jones will be out of office and has not decided to seek a fifth four-year term.  (La Mirada needs term limits for city council members, needless to say).

Councilmen Steve De Ruse and Larry Mowles are seeking their second terms and well, then are in danger of going down in flames in this campaign.  They are outraged about the possibility of having two Sarega's on the same city council.  Great article in the Whittier Daily News by Reporter Mike Sprague on the early campaign this weekend.

In addition to Senior Sarega, another challenger, Tony Aiello is in this campaign. 

I like Tony.

Tony Aiello is probably one of the best known residents of La Mirada. His campaign has already attracted great "buzz" and "chatter" inside the corridors in and around La Mirada Boulevard.  Tony get's things done around La Mirada and I totally support his campaign 100 PERCENT.  Aiello has amazing knowledge of the community and would bring a new edgy attitude to the city council.  I like edgy.

Also running is Edward Eng, executive director of the Los Angeles County Economy and Efficiencies Commission; Dale Nowicki, an attorney; Michael Saenz, a business consultant; and Sarega’s father, John,who is a commercial property owner.  Saenz has the backing of the longtime political machine.  Eng would be the first Asian American ever elected to an office in La Mirada (long over due) and Nowicki is also well known in key circles.

So, welcome to Democracy 2015 to the Voters of La Mirada.

This is going to be a wild campaign.

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Anonymous said...

Do they have an agent (for the show) not their low dollar campaign?