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Monday, December 15, 2014

Controversial Comments Regarding Cuban-Americans by State Senator Tony Mendoza Irks Local Community Leaders

Did you see what new California State Senator Tony Mendoza said about Cuban-Americans this past week in his FIRST televised interview in Sacramento. Yep. Tony is going to be a walking sound bite for us in the media during the next four years. He is off to a great start with his "foot in mouth" problem that has plagued him in the past. Here is a press statement I received today. Not going to edit the release. You can make your own decision.

California State Senator Tony Mendoza, "Bro..."
Contact: Dorian Hauffen @ (323) 800-2427
A Recent Interview On a Syndicated Cable News Program
 Shows the New Senator’s Negative Side

DOWNEY, California - (December 15, 2014) – Recently elected State Senator Tony Mendoza began his term by providing an all too familiar self-deflecting rant of blame shifting and distortion of facts related to his campaign for the 32nd State Senate seat. In a recent interview on Charter Cable’s California Edition, Mendoza tries to make claim an image he had taken of himself, while he was in the Assembly, dressed in gang attire, was somehow racist and used against him falsely and continues with a baseless claim that his opponent, of Cuban decent, doesn’t consider himself Latino. Richard Garcia, Mendoza’s former communications director, said in a statement, “Mendoza had an opportunity to take the high road by giving details on his plans to improve the 32nd Senatorial district at the outset of the interview, but instead low browed the chance by offering ridiculous claims about a photo he personally authorized to be taken while in the State Assembly. He further offended Cuban-Americans with a racially charged comment on their self-identity and exclusion as Latinos.” Area Cuban groups within the 32nd State Senate district took offense at the Cuban remarks made by Senator Mendoza and are asking for a public apology. “In the heat of campaigns opponents often lash out at each other, but it is senseless and insensitive to make derogatory remarks about a community of Latinos, in this case Cuban-Americans, when you are expected to serve them as constituents,” said Fernando Marquet, Cuban-American community leader, Cuban refugee and survivor of the Bay of Pigs. “It is just as reckless to claim that a proud Latino and community leader such as Mario A. Guerra, who was born in Cuba and immigrated to the U.S. doesn’t view himself as Latino. The Senator clearly does not know Mayor Guerra or the Cuban community. He should apologize for his remarks immediately.” Alberto Del Calvo, vice president of the Cuban American Teacher’s Association, said, “I don’t know what would make Mr. Mendoza say such a thing. It seems to me to be pure ignorance on his part.” Mendoza, who previously served in the State’s Assembly, and was ousted from his position as Chair of the Latino Legislative Caucus due to allegations of money laundering, was also connected to a website during the Senate race that used a doctored image of his opponent’s son insinuating illegal and immoral acts. Mendoza never publicly denounced the site, or its content, but did urge his supporters to log on and see it for themselves.

I will provide Team Mendoza and State Senate Leader Kevin Deleon free ink on my blog here to respond.  So, what do you think?  Is this typical Tony Mendoza or is this just plain WRONG?


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