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Friday, February 06, 2015

Death of Bell Gardens Daniel Crespo Mayor Discussed on "The Randy Economy Show" on Feb. 7 and 14th

A quick note.

My new radio show on AM 870 The Answer (KRLA) here in Southern California will be tackling the shooting death of Bell Gardens Mayor Daniel Crespo.

On Saturday night (Feb. 7) my guests will include William Crespo, the brother of the slain Mayor and his attorney Jay Devitt.  Also appearing will be Bell Gardens City Councilmembers Jesse Mendoza, Priscilla Flores and Jennifer Rodriguez.

Then next Saturday night, Feb. 14, my invited guest is Eben Bayonne, the attorney for Lyvette Crespo, and others.  I have extended an invitation to both Lyvette and her son Daniel Jr., to attend and participate in the show. 

Stay tuned and TUNE IN!

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