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Thursday, May 07, 2015

BREAKING: Sherrif's Involved in Deadly Suspect Shooting on Pires Avenue here in Cerritos

Location of the deadly shooting in Cerritos on Pires Avenue. 
EXCLUSIVE Photo provided to Randy Economy Blog

 What an awful afternoon here in a normally quiet neighborhood on the Eastside of Cerritos.

A suspect was fatally shot by sheriff's deputies near Artesia Boulevard and Carmenita Road over on Pires Avenue last this afternoon.

According to ABC 7, the suspect led Lakewood sheriff's deputies on a short chase before crashing into a fire hydrant, sending a geyser into the air and water gushing onto the streets. Deputies opened fire as the situation escalated.

One suspect died at the scene.  Details are still be sorted out at the scene.

Streets are totally blocked off in and around Artesia and Carmenita.  The place is swarming with law enforcement officials and television news crews have arrived at the scene.

Photo from ABC7
One of my interns with my radio talk show actually lives just feet away from where the shooting took place.  Needless to say his family is shaken up, as is the rest of us who love Cerritos...and who proudly call the "Tony Eastside" our home.

Neighbors are shocked over this situation.

These type of things just doesn't happen here.  Pires Avenue has the most spectacular trees dotting their street in a city that is "Tree City USA!"  The homes on this street are valued at $900,000 and over $1 million.

But, these are scary times we live in and no neighborhood is immune to violence.

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