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@EconomyRadio Follow Randy Economy on Twitter!
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Sunday, June 14, 2015

June 13 Podcast: We exposed a dirty eatery in South LA that served Chicken Fried Rats; Corruption inside the South Gate, LA Police Departments

In case you missed this week's radio show on AM 870 The Answer KRLA...the PODCAST is above. Attorneys Greg Owen and Brad Gage discuss police misconduct in Los Angeles, and throughout the country. Also on the show was Devorise Dixon who opened up about his horrific ordeal on The AM 870 ‘The Answer’ Radio Talk Show Host Randy Economy tonight. Mr. Dixon, who works as a Security Guard at Fox News here in Los Angeles, ended up getting a rat in his fast food order of chicken this past week. Now this is GREAT talk radio! Please POST on your FAVORITE SOCIAL MEDIA SITE! Follow Randy Economy on Twitter @EconomyRadio

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