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Thursday, July 16, 2015

RECOVERY! Great to welcome JD Meints and Kage Njaka from NuLife Recovery Center to the show on Satuday night....

JD Meints J.D. Meints & Kage Njaka the founders of NuLife Recovery Center will be LIVE in studio on The Randy Economy Show on Saturday night, July 18 from 8 to 9 p.m. (West Coast Time) on AM 870 The Answer (KRLA) to talk about the remarkably innovative “music therapy” program specifically geared to help musicians who are dealing with drug and substance abuse issues.
Economy has talked openly on his show about addiction and recovery during the past several weeks.
“This particular show is going to be a powerful testament about how to overcoming the impossible and how you can fight to save your life with music, literally,” Economy said.
The philosophy of NuLife Recovery is simple, according both Meints and Njaka: “We believe in the power of music, and regardless of yours or your loved ones background in this regard, this type of therapeutic approach can broaden your spiritual and conceptual horizons to infinite degrees. Recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism is a process that often knows no bounds, and when the soul lights up through new channels it opens new pathways that may never have been exposed. NuLife Recovery’s Music Therapy & Studio is a unique therapeutic tool that can broaden the scope of any treatment program and support the recovery process.”
NuLife Recording Studio | NuLife Recovery specifically helps Musician or Music Professional in their “road to recovery.”
Producer is Gemini Musiq who is the sound engineer, producer, and composer that makes the Music Therapy program possible at NuLife Recovery Center.
JD Meints
With more than 20 years of production experience, Gemini has produced six gold and seven platinum albums, along with a number of Top 40 placements. He is consistently regarded as a leading force within one of the world’s most competitive industries! He is a sound engineer; he is a singer/songwriter; he is a well-respected keyboardist, bassist & guitarist.
For more information about the program visit: http://nuliferecovery.com/music-therapy-studio/

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