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Monday, May 16, 2016

CNN's Van Jones Morphs into a Money Huckster for MoveOn.org in hopes to "Stop Trump." . It is TIME for Jones to quit his gig at the news giant

Van Jones, Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Ent...
Van Jones,is the Ex Special Advisor for Green Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation at the White House Council on Environmental Quality for President Obama.  Jones is now a husker for MoveOn.Org.
Time for CNN to fire "commentator" Van Jones.

Van Jones is now a shill for MoveOn.org.

The execs at CNN should be horrified to see his latest attack on Donald Trump.

Van Jones and MoveOn.org published an email as well as a shoddy video appeal for campaign cash to the ubber liberal political action committee.  

Jones just lost all credibility as a commentator.

For months, CNN has praised Jones and highlighted him day in and day out, night after night, on their election coverage.

Now Jones has left me shaking my head.

If Van Jones want's to go out and campaign against Donald Trump, go for it.  Just don't use CNN as a "prop" to raise cash for any political action committee...left or right...

Jones has crossed the line of objectivity and it's time for him to step down from his gig at CNN.

Here is what Jones urged MoveOn.org donors to just hours ago...

Dear MoveOn member,
I need to give you some bad news today.
Donald J. Trump not only can win the presidency, he's got a darn good shot at it, bigger than most of us think. And if he does, it will be our fault.
Have I gotten your attention yet? Good.
Van Jones has some bad news
When Trump announced his run for president, Democrats, Republicans, the media ... we all laughed at the thought.
"He’s unelectable!" we said.   
Well, folks, plenty of us well-meaning people were wrong. Trump defied everyone's expectations. Now he is the presumptive Republican nominee for president of the United States.  
And multiple polls this past week have Trump within a hair of the presidency.
The Republicans are now begrudgingly falling in line behind the new leader of their party.
We can't bank on the notion that Donald will gaffe himself out of this election. Donald Trump is changing the game of politics. He's mastered social media and has turned this election into a reality show.
Trump's complete lack of knowledge and experience on policy doesn't matter either, because "the quest for sound policy" is not what is firing up the vote.
We can't even count on demographics to save us, because we've got some "blue states" that are hanging on by a thread.
We can beat Trump, but we have to beat back these dangerous ideas first.
Our country deserves better. Progressives can't bank on the fact that Donald will self-destruct. It is time for all of us to come together and vow to pull out all the stops against Trump for president.
In solidarity.
—Van Jones

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