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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Missing Children's Day Casts Sad Shadow over America this week. Let's find these kids and #BringThemHome

I want to salute the Federal Bureau of Investigation for helping to find missing children all over the country, day in and day out. This week, the FBI sadly had to recognize "Missing Children's Day" here in America. Many of us have been personally touched by this horrible tragedy and continues to cast a pall each and every day. The children below, need to be found. Someone knows SOMETHING about where these precious children are located.  Many are teenagers, some are infants and toddlers.  All of them are missed...and all of them need to be brought home.

I wish that Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump can take a few minutes at one of their rallies this week to read the names of these missing children. We all need to help #BringThemHome.

Here is the list in case they want to just "cut and paste" and place these children's names into their long winded chats to Americans.

Alexis Murphy
Alexis S. Patterson
Aliayah Lundsford
Amber Elizabeth Cates
Asha Jaquilla Degree
Ashley Summers
Bianca Lebron
Bryan Dos Santos-Gomez
Crystal Ann Tynich
Diamond Bradley
Erica Lynn Parsons
Faloma Luhk
Haleigh Cummings
Jaliek L. Rainwater
Kayla May Berg
Kaylah Hunter
Kjoi Vu
Kristian Justice
Kristen Denise Smart
Kyron Richard Homan
Lisa Irwin
Maleina Luhk
Myra Lewis
Reachelle Smith
Shaina Ashley Kirkpatrick
Sausha Latine Henson
Tabitha Tuders
Tionda Bradley
Trenton John Duckett
Wesley Dale Morgan

Let's #BringThemHome

Alexis Murphy.jpgAlexis S. Patterson.jpgAliayah Lunsford.jpgAmber Elizabeth Cates.jpgAsha Jaquilla Degree.jpgAshley Summers.jpg
Alexis S. PattersonAliayah LunsfordAmber Elizabeth CatesAsha Jaquilla DegreeAshley Summers
Bianca Lebron.jpgBryan Dos Santos-Gomez.jpgCrystal Ann Tymich.jpgDiamond Bradley.jpgErica Lynn Parsons.jpgFaloma Luhk.jpg
Bianca LebronBryan Dos Santos-GomezCrystal Ann TymichDiamond BradleyErica Lynn ParsonsFaloma Luhk
Haleigh Cummings.jpgJaliek L. Rainwalker.jpgKayla May Berg.jpgKaylah Hunter.jpgKhoi Vu.jpgKristian Justice.jpg
Haleigh CummingsJaliek L. RainwalkerKayla May BergKaylah HunterKhoi VuKristian Justice
Kristin Denise Smart.jpgKyron Richard Horman.jpgLisa Irwin.jpgMaleina Luhk.jpgMyra Lewis.jpgReachelle Smith.jpg
Kristin Denise SmartKyron Richard HormanLisa IrwinMaleina LuhkMyra LewisReachelle Smith
Shaina Ashley Kirkpatrick.jpgShausha Latine Henson.jpgTabitha Tuders.jpgTionda Bradley.jpgTrenton John Duckett.jpgWesley Dale Morgan.jpg
Shaina Ashley KirkpatrickShausha Latine HensonTabitha TudersTionda BradleyTrenton John DuckettWesley Dale Morgan

Help Us Find Them
National Missing Children’s Day 2016
Earlier this year, two young kidnap victims from Washington State were safely recovered in Mexico after an investigation involving the FBI, local law enforcement partners, and Mexican authorities
Fortunately, their story had a happy ending. Unfortunately, there are still many children in the U.S. whose whereabouts are unknown. So as we approach this year’s National Missing Children’s Day on May 25, the FBI would like to ask the public for its help in locating any of the victims pictured above from our Kidnapping and Missing Persons webpage.
With its partners, the FBI continues its efforts to eradicate predators from communities and to keep children safe. Ready response teams are stationed across the country to quickly respond to abductions. The Bureau offers a full array of forensic tools such as DNA, trace evidence, impression evidence, and digital forensics. And through improved communications, law enforcement also has the ability to quickly share information with partners throughout the world.
The FBI has several programs in place to educate both parents and children about the dangers posed by predators—in person and online—and to recover missing and endangered children should they be taken. Through our Child Abduction Rapid Deployment Teams, Innocence Lost National Initiative, Innocent Images National Initiative, annual Operation Cross Country operation, Office for Victim Assistance, Child Exploitation Task Forces, and numerous community outreach initiatives, the Bureau and all of law enforcement continue to place a premium on keeping the most vulnerable among us safe and secure.

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