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Friday, June 17, 2016

ABC News 20/20 Exposes seedy LA 'Rehab Mogul' Christopher Bathum on Friday Night at 10 p.m.

A well known 'Drug Rehab' Mogul who has set up several businesses throughout Southern California is about to be exposed on 20/20 on ABC this Friday night (June 17)

I am being told by sources who were involved in the preparation of this episode that CHRISTOPHER BATHUM is going to exposed in a jaw dropping expose. It is about time, boys and girls.

I have in my possession a lawsuit that was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court that describes in great detail how Bathum manuvered his company known as "Community Recovery" into a multi-million dollar scam.   

Trust me.

Bathum has to be shaking in his boots...and the world is going to find out about who he is, and what dangerous game he has been participating in for years. 

What politicians are allowing this guy to stay in business?  Why is his well-known popular coffee house on Melrose in business?
Why did law enforcement officials in Los Angeles and Los Angeles County allow Bathum to stay in business for so long?

Don't miss.  

I have the answers, and 20/20 has the goods on this guy. 



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